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Re: Theos-World Re: Definition of the 7 Rays - Ray 1

Mar 09, 2008 05:51 PM
by Cass Silva

We agree on this.

fsgonzales1 <> wrote:
          Hello Cass and fellow theosophists.
That is an interesting point.
I privately have the opinion that Ray 1 souls can be very benefical,
but as they go through experience in the lower planes, they deal with
destruction, command and impulse. I particularly see Churchill,
Hitler, and why not many of today´s politicians on this Ray, at least
on the observable Personality level.
I would say nevertheless, there are some on other Rays. Just of
curiosity, my thoughts are Spain´s Zapatero is on 7th, Venezuela´s
Hugo Chavez is on 6th, Iran´s Ahmadinejad is on 3rd, Russia´s Putin
and China´s (I forgot his name now) are on 1st. Bush is probably on
2nd (the son, his father is on 1st).

All armies in the world are expressions of Ray 1. This sums up very
much of this Ray as it is being expressed. It is masculine, (+),
imperative and destructive although it reflects and holds back
(thought) in order to use the least possible force with wisdom. Just
some thoughts. 

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> My limited reading on the subject is that Ray 1 is the Ray of Power.
Souls on this ray learn by transgressions of power to an
understanding of its constructive nature. One would imagine that
Churchill, Hitler, and even the other despots are ruling 1.
> Cass
> fsgonzales1 <fredericosg@...> wrote:
> Hello every one who reads this.
> In my small personal study of the Rays, I began to find they are
> realities during my travelling through Europe and my interest in
> various countries.
> I had already read some things on the subject, when I began to think
> that there was really something true in the Rays. These are some of my
> observations as of now:
> - The 1st Ray is positive, masculine, focused and destructive energy.
> The sensation of power when you are shooting (I am an amateur shooter)
> is to me a very good example of this Ray´s energy. Another examples
> are the militarism and emphasis on men dominating over women in some
> countries, for example Pakistan and India. An interesting aspect of
> this Ray is that unlinke the other 2 Major Rays it seems to be very
> dynamic. Populations collectively conditioned by 1st Ray usually speak
> fast (for example in most of India, Pakistan) with short, rough brakes
> between sentences. This Ray is IMPULSE TOWARD SOMETHING, the force
> which directs the bullet to its aim, the force which focuses the man
> riding his motorcycle or Formula 1 car very fast. Populations
> conditioned by this ray collectively tend to be a little rough, even
> although polite. This energy is, in the human being, expressed as
> INITIAL IMPULSE. The initial impulse for something has to have two
> aspects: first, destroying the old thing, and second starting the new
> one. For example when a person wakes up in a hurry he/she is using
> this Ray´s energy, because he/she had to 1- rapidly destroy the
> sluggishness of sleep and 2- use the muscles of the body rapidly to
> get out of the bed and do something. 
> The Germanic peoples are basically conditioned by this Ray. The
> Indians are also under heavy influence of this Ray. I would say that
> their obsession with big nuclear missiles, their Army, and things
> related to those in a country with more urgent needs are expressions
> of this Ray´s energy. This is also seen in neighbouring Pakistan and
> also Afghanistan. I could venture to say that there is an artifact or
> something of the kind placed somewhere from north India to Afghanistan
> which is responsible for the activity of the 1st Ray on Earth. There
> should also be some of the same artifact somewhere in north-central
> Europa or Scandinavia. What a member of the list here called 'The
> women way of seeing things' could be a manifestation of this Ray.
> This Ray has as its element FIRE and its power is reflective THOUGHT
> or manas.
> Any comments, additions, opinions and even rebates on these views
> are welcome.
> Frederico
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