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Re: Theos-World Intro

Mar 09, 2008 05:23 PM
by Cass Silva

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posting Brian.  Your insight into the Ancient Wisdom have hit the nail on the head.  I would be interested to hear more on resurrection - how one is able to move one's consciousness

B <> wrote:

As per forum rules, I'm starting with a post introducing myself. I 
consider myself an "Intuitive Theosophist".

I believe, that theosophical (IE Esoteric Doctrine) understanding, 
can only truly develop from the process/root of 
transformation/experiance, that leads one beyond the lower ego method 
of normal understanding/perception/experiance.

This process of transformation, is what makes the Theosophy of HPB 
and the Masters "Heart Doctrine"/Esoteric, which is vastly differant 
to "Eye Doctrine"/Exoteric understanding (which is what NeoTheosophy 
is, in my perception), which is understanding simply via the Lower 
Ego and Animal nature. This process of transformation is the core 
purpose of the Esoteric Doctrine, while at the same time, this 
transformation is the key to understanding the "Book Knowledge" 
aspect of the system. Which, the "book knowledge", without the 
transformation/Gnosis, is "dead letter'. Its the transformation, and 
change in perception, that breaths life into the "book knowledge' 
polishing it into the multi faceted diamond it is.

This "process" has several aspects to it which include the early 
stages of uplifting ones consciousness from the lower nature and 
mindstream , to the upper levels of training , which I call Spiritual 
Resurection/Alchemy/Marriage of the Bride Groom - These core ideas 
can be expressed in the word/system - "Gnosis". The method 
of "obtaining knowledge" via realtime experiance, via the tools 
passed down by the Masters,is the path to understand the teachings 
beyond a logic or emotional level. In my experiance, if one hasnt 
removed the concsiouness from the Physical,Vital, and Astral layers, 
that means even the most basic Roots, havent been developed, and true 
experiencial knowledge, can never be obtained. Anything else is Ego 

I started on my path at the age of 6, and have studied some form of 
the Esoteric Doctrine for the last 27 years. I had the displeasure as 
a young man to have had to attend Roman Catholic school in Detroit, 
MI. By age 6 I began to understand, what I was being taught was a 
lie. I was treated brutaly by the students and teachers for being 
differant and not believing, what they believed. At age 14 I was the 
first person, in the history of the school that refused to take the 
entrance exam into the Roman Catholic High School, after which I took 
my destiny in my own hands and began my true education.

>From age 6-28 I studied a wide range of Exoteric Religions, and 
Esoteric Systems. My first esoteric studies actualy revolved around 
the Yamabushi sect. I was also fortunate that in my house, were books 
owned by relatives, that delt with various esoteric studies, though 
they only gave the information the most basic of considerations, I 
later found out.(In the 3rd Grade I read at a college freshman level)

After many years of study and practise I came to intuitivly believe 
that there was one core system, that all ancient man practised. I was 
also a firm believer in things like the law of corrispondence, as 
well as cyclic time, though had never come into contact with any 
Theosophical work, nor other modern systems like Masonry, OGD or 
Crowely. I believed that a system of Medicine, Astronomy, Astrology, 
Geometry, Alchemy , ect, had been the root of all exoteric religions, 
though horribly disfigured.

Rufly 6 years ago I discovered a very important key to furthering my 
understanding. That key was HPB. I soon came to understand, that I 
wasnt alone in my beliefs, and that a modern system(Theosophy), had 
detailed all the common denominators, from all the various cultural 
manefestations of the Secret Doctrine. Thus my path was solidified, 
with that validation and I have studied HPBs work ever since.

I am very particular about what information I work with. HPB/Masters 
Theosophy to me is a distilation of the core ideas expressed within 
the Esoteric Doctrine, looked at from all its cultural aspects, so 
the whole/essence may be intuitivly understood (this entire statement 
should also be applied to use of the "mystery language", which to me 
is one of the least understood aspects of Theosophy).

As to "current events" - having studied many differant versions of 
the esoteric system,for most of my life, I have come to percieve that 
most writers after HPB, have very little to do with true 
Theosophy/esoteric doctrine, and more to do with Exoteric Religion. 
Just to be upfront, as im sure there are people, with a wide range of 
beliefs on this forum, I percieve Neotheosophy, Alice Bailey
(osophy), and other New Age christinized teachings of the (False)
masters, as nothing more than the degredation of the true system,from 
Esoteric, into an exoteric shell, as has occured multiple times, in 
the history of the Aryans family (Which HPB warned us about). 

Were also in the Kali Yuga, which makes things even more difficult, 
for our learning, as false teachings are the norm. Also some of the 
degraded systems, may not be simply "dead letter', but in fact may be 
the teachings of the dugpa/left hand path, and obviously if thats 
what someone wants to learn and practise, that is their right to 
choose that path, but that doesnt mean the teachings should be 
accepted into the Theosophical system/Right hand path. Its important 
to make a distinction between dead letter and the left hand path as 
well. As Dead letter is the path that leads no where, but the Right 
and Left hand paths do lead "somewhere".

The truth is, people/Ego always want more, than what they have. But 
thats why, when one removes the lower ego influence, we come to 
understand that even the most basic theosophical teachings, are a 
lifetime study that relates to every aspect of the human experiance 
(or lack of experiance as the case may be). And that we dont 
need "more"/quantity, we need better understanding and quality of 
what we have. The esoteric study which must be internalized past 
emotional or logical understanding. It is said that " he who finds 
the true teachings, is like a lonesome boat in a vast ocean"

Im not against more teachings being released(And some have between 
1975-2000 in my perception), as well its not my choise to make. But 
my point, is most havnt even begun to truly understand (Ie they 
lack "true" understanding, which is beyond logic or emotionaly 
relating to something)what HPB and the Masters already taught, so why 
look farther? (Well you look farther because you havnt experianced 
Gnosis and have only eye docrtrine). Develop your roots first, so you 
are less apt to be manipulated by false teachings. Start with 
actual "work" IE transformation. I add this as all the "debate" would 
become nonsence, from a perspective that is outside that Exoteric Box.

On a personal note, Im a musician, artist, and researcher/student of 
a rare southern Chinese martial art. Im from Detroit, but relocated 
to Columbus, Ohio 8 years ago, where I currently live with my Fiance. 
I was birthed on the anniversary date of HPBs release from this 
plane - May 8th.



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