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Re: Carlos Castaneda And The Shaman. Tales From The Jungle

Mar 09, 2008 08:06 AM
by nhcareyta

--- In, "Konstantin Zaitzev" 
<kay_ziatz@...> wrote:
> --- In, "nhcareyta" <nhcareyta@> wrote:
> > Sexual abuse of children is all about power and 
> > domination of those most susceptible and vulnerable. 
> Faking of miracles is also not a good thing. So why do you believe 
> Blavatsky and not to Hodson Report which states that she was the 
> outstanding humbug?
> The same logic should be applied to Leadbeater. Moreover, sexual 
> of children is to be considered as a criminal case. If there were 
> real proofs of it, why Leadbeater wasn't imprisoned? In those 
> victorian times one could be sentenced even for homosexuality.
> Applying different logic to different persons is no other than 
> religious thinking.

Dear Konstantin

Thank you for your response.

You write, "Faking of miracles is also not a good 

Are you seriously comparing the gravity of alleged 
faked phenomena with child sexual abuse?

I sincerely trust you will reconsider this 
unfortunate comparison. 

Moreover you add, " So why do you believe to 
Blavatsky and not to Hodson Report which states 
that she was the most outstanding humbug?"

It appears you haven't read, "J'Accuse: An 
Examination of the Hodgson Report of 1885" by 
Dr Vernon Harrison PhD, a member of the Society 
for Psychical Research.
The SPR initially released this in 1986 with 
additional research leading in 1997 to the book 
publication of "H.P. Blavatsky and the SPR: An 
Examination of the Hodgson Report of 1885."

I will leave you to study this work and its 
author, but for your information, here are some 
quotes from this eminent researcher concerning 
the matter:

"I cannot exonerate the SPR committee from blame 
for publishing this thoroughly bad report. They 
seem to have done little more than rubber-stamp 
Hodgson's opinions; and no serious attempt was 
made to check his findings or even to read his 
report critically."

"?whereas Hodgson was prepared to use any evidence, 
however trivial or questionable, to implicate HPB, 
he ignored all evidence that could be used in her 
favour. His report is riddled with slanted 
statements, conjecture advanced as fact or probable 
fact, uncorroborated testimony of unnamed witnesses, 
selection of evidence and downright falsity."

The Hodgson report has caused much damage to the 
Theosophical cause of Madame Blavatsky and her 
Mahatmas for more than 120 years. It is 
disappointing that you choose a thoroughly 
discredited and outrageous report which smears 
her name yet again.

You write, "If there were any real proofs of it, 
why Leadbeater wasn't imprisoned?"

The following is a posting from Dr Gregory Tillett 
concerning Bishop Leadbeater's admissions:  

"Before the Committee hearing the allegations 
against him, Leadbeater admitted to the Committee 
(and it is recorded in the minutes) that:

(a) he had "taught" boys to masturbate - just 
what that can mean is unclear but "taught" is 
obviously distinct from "advised boys not to worry
about masturbating";
(b) there had been "indicative action" - just what 
that can mean is unclear;
(c) there "may have been touch involved" - just what 
that can mean is unclear;
(d) this had involved boys who had not sought his 
(e) this had involved prepubescent boys;
(f) this had involved a number of boys (although, 
apparently, less than twenty).

The minutes were written up and sworn as an 
affidavit by G.R.S. Mead and the person acting 
as Secretary to the Committee. 
The minutes were subsequently published in a 
number of places. 

Leadbeater never publicly raised any question as 
to the accuracy of the record.

I would assume that any person (whether or not 
doing so as some form of "occult training") who 
now "taught" a prepubescent or pubescent boy to
masturbate and used "indicative action" and possible 
"touch" could anticipate criminal charges and a 
period in prison. "
Dr Gregory Tillett

Moreover Dr Tillett wrote in his book 
"The Elder Brother":

"...In her statement Mrs. Martyn recalled:

"I saw Oscar [Kollerstrom, an adolescent] in a 
state of nudity in the bed with Mr. Leadbeater 
and Heyting also naked. He walked out of the room 
naked to his bed which was on the verandah...and 
I saw Mr. Leadbeater getting into bed where
Oscar was and the light extinguished...."(p. 198)

As Daniel Caldwell recently asked, ".....Why did 
Leadbeater invariably sleep with a young boy in 
his bed?
And why did he invariably have a boy in the bath 
with him? It has been argued that his weak heart 
necessitated such companionship for fear he might 
have some sort of attack whilst alone; but does
companionship require mutual nakedness in close 
And why did Leadbeater insist on communal bathing 
for his pupils at the Manor, with all of them in 
the bathroom, naked, at the same time? He was given 
an enema every morning by one or other of his pupils, 
in the presence of the others while they bathed.
This, said the close associate of Leadbeater's who 
told of the morning ritual, may have given rise to 
One could understand why."(p. 280)

It is therefore an interesting question as to why 
Bishop Leadbeater wasn't charged by the police. 
The above, by your criteria, would certainly have 
earned him a prison sentence. 

The criminal charge of paedophilia has historically 
been problematic to prove, usually due to children 
being unwilling to testify. 

This is well known and used by perpetrators as 
children are often in a state of fear or awe. 

Perpetrators regularly threaten and/or make 
promises to their victims in all manner of ways. 

They can use the allure of secrecy and specialness 
to entice the excitement of a child's sense of 
mystery and wonder. 

Children can also feel shame, guilt and remorse 
despite protestations from caring adults of their 

They can also be fearful of their parents' reaction, 
afraid they will be accused of encouraging the 

Paedophiles can be cunning and powerful. 

As I suggested to Perry recently, I now urge all 
to study paedophilia, its processes and effects, 
as distasteful as this can be, so as to enable 
identification of tell-tale warning signs, so as 
to apply this knowledge with an open mind. 

You may one day be in a position to cautiously 
ask appropriate questions and save a child much 
trauma rather than remain in a state of ignorant 
unawareness, denial and/or disbelief. 


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