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Re: Theos-World Re: Fake Moon Shots

Mar 08, 2008 04:24 AM
by Cass Silva

Thanks for your response Leon, fyi
  "Constantly vampirised by her child, she revenges herself on it 
by soaking it through and through with the nefarious, invisible, and 
poisoned influence which emanates from the OCCULT side of her 
nature. For she is a dead, yet a living body. The particles of her 
decaying corpse are full of active and destructive life, although the 
body which they had formed is soulless and lifeless 
Therefore its emanations are at the same time beneficent and 
maleficent - this circumstance finding its parallel on earth in the 
fact that the grass and plants are nowhere more juicy and thriving 
than on the graves; while at the same time it is the graveyard or 
corpse-emanations, which kill. And like all ghouls or vampires, the 
moon is the friend of the sorcerers and the foe of the 
unwary.....Such is the moon from the astronomical, geological, and 
physical standpoints. As to her metaphysical and psychic nature it 
must remain an occult secret in this work." The Secret
> Doctrine 1, 155-6.
  GDP says that that it is a decaying entity and therefore filled 
with low life energies, and is constantly, although automatically, 
suggesting thoughts of depravity and urging the man to commit evil 
thoughts and passions.!!  ...."it sends forth emanations night and day, which rush by 
magnetic attraction to their own kind on earth, permeating our globe 
through and through. Its effluvia are maleficent, so far as men 
are concerned, for they arise in a disintegrating body. 
  The moon has all the psycho magnetic energy of a decaying corpse; and, being a 
cosmic body, its emanations and powers of radiation are therefore 
very great.. The crater-like markings of the moon are due to the 
processes of disintegration arising out of its core; pustules, so to 
say, freeing the inner gasses and other things springing out of the 
moon and finding their vents through these so-called craters. 
Blessed will be the humanities of that future time when the moon is 
finally quite vanished through the dissociation of its atoms into 
blue ether.
  "What we see when we look up into the starry spaces is the astral 
body, the kama-rupa of the physical moon that was, a eons and a eons 
ago, which physical body is now disintegrated into impalpable cosmic 
dust. We perceive this kama-rupic phantom, because our physical 
earth is one sub-plane than on which the physical body of the moon 
was. Were our scientists by some magic to be transported to the 
moon, even though they would be able to see it almost as clearly as 
they see our earth, I do not believe they would find it easy to walk 
about on its surface, for it is not quite hard enough for easy 

Leon Maurer <> wrote:
          Where didi you get the idea that the Moon's rays were poisonous? The 
light we see on the moon is simply the reflection of the Sun's rays. 
If direct sunlight might be harmful to us without the shielding of 
the atmosphere and the Van Allen belt -- it could not harm the 
astronauts -- whose space suits have sufficient shielding to protect 
them against all harmful radiation. See: 
Thermal_Micrometeoroid_Garment Medical evidence shows that the 
original moon astronauts all did suffer from slight radiation 
poisoning -- which, apparently, explains some of their untimely 
deaths. For more on space suits, see: 

The moon has no atmosphere and the layer of dust on its surface is 
relatively thin. The actual surface is quite solid -- as evidenced 
by the moon rocks brought back by the Astronauts. I don't think the 
moon is disintegrating... Since, without an atmosphere, or wind and 
water, what is there to erode it? The craters that pock mark its 
surface were caused by either meteoroid or asteroid strikes (or, as 
some say, plasma blasts) countless millions of years ago.

As for securing the lander... The moon has about one sixth of the 
Earths gravity -- which is quite sufficient to hold down a heavy 
spacecraft with widespread landing pads. It also is enough to hold 
down the astronauts as they walked around chipping off and picking up 
rocks -- since they would each weight at least 60-70 pounds with 
their heavy space suits, and back pack oxygen tanks.


On Mar 6, 2008, at 3/6/087:13 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

> The jury is still out for me Leon. If the Moon's rays are 
> poisonous to us here on Earth, wouldn't they have had a serious 
> effect on the Astronauts who were in closer contact with them. 
> When we look up are we looking at a physical disintegration of the 
> moon, or is it an astral disintegration, or both? Wouldn't this 
> disintegration effect the atmosphere of the Moon? Even if it were 
> just psychic. If he Moon has decayed to the point where its 
> surface is cosmic dust how would the spacecraft have been secured? 
> I am asking these questions in all honesty, I don't care if I am 
> wrong. Whether we reached the moon or not in 69 will not and has 
> not effected me personally, so my questions are asked to seek 
> answers, so that I can form a conclusion.
> Cass
> Leon Maurer <> wrote:
> Since the Van Allen radiation belts are confined to an 
> area which
> extends about 65°[3] from the celestial equator -there is plenty of
> room to get around them when a manned lander or probe is sent into
> space. As for the Hubble, it is in low earth orbit, well inside the
> Van Allen belts. In any event, it doesn't have enough power to
> resolve more than about 200 meters on the surface of the Moon. And,
> the flag is less than 2 meters in width. After studying all the
> scientific evidence countering all the hoax theory claims, I am now
> certain the moon landing occurred as it was reported and recorded.
> Leon
> On Mar 5, 2008, at 3/5/086:26 PM, Cass Silva wrote:
>> Leon,
>> I just had an afterthought. Where abouts does Hubble live,
>> before or beyond the Van Allen Belt?
>> Cass
>> Leon Maurer <> wrote:
>> --- In, Cass Silva
>> <silva_cass@...> wrote:
>>> Awesome video on the Apollo mission and how they faked it.. (Earth
>>> shots etc)
>>> (http://www. watch?v=xUGRngAh BI)
>> Since the Russians have photos of our moon landing site -- that video
>> is about as much evidence of it not happening as the Holocaust
>> deniers have who claim we faked that history. Anyone who has access
>> to a powerful enough telescope can easily check to see if the US flag
>> is still there. It's wise to take everything you see on YouTube with
>> a grain of salt. The camera can lie just as easily as people --- and
>> sometimes, even better. (Not to say that the government spooks might
>> not have been prepared to fake it if the actual landing didn't come
>> off ;-)
>> Leon
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