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Re: Theos-World Animals

Mar 06, 2008 05:06 PM
by Cass Silva

If I have read HPB right Scribe, I would say that they are just waiting for the human form in order to commence evolving self-conscious awareness.  So this suggests that they are individualised and although endowed with consciousness await self consciousness which can only evolve through the human form.
  I too struggled with my pets as group souls as they were closer to the human kingdom than the animal kingdom.  My daughter's labrador, much to my disdain, would sleep in the bed with her as a child, under the blankets with her head on the pillow!!!!

Scribe <> wrote:
          Dear Nigel,

I have been troubled by this, too. Apparently it was, as you noted, written by AB that animals had a "group soul" and my idea of what was said was that when an animal--I'm thinking about my pets--when they die their soul will sort of "dissolve" back into the animal soul pool, sort of like the "shape-shifter" in Babylon 5 or whichever. This bothered me and I was saddened by it. Then later I read a contraction (I guess by AB again) saying that statement had caused controversy and it was wrong. Also, I recall it being intimated that actually being close to an animal--pet--is doing it no favors because it's difficult for it to handle the increase in vibrations/evolution being in such contact and rapport with humans, in fact after they die they go into some kind of limbo until the next Mantavara when they can progress. In other words, that it was better not to get too close or emotionally attached because it wasn't good for them, or it would be hard or difficult for them,
 because of the increased something or other.

But, reading the links you provided in your post, I don't see how they address that issue, in fact the second one seems to agree with the concept of animal group souls.

I guess the question is: Are the animal souls individual--I guess I'm talking about domesticated pets--and can we meet again some day (because there's so much love there)?


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--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> I am not sure who it was, but someone spoke about group souls for 
animals, the reason being, that 'self conscious awareness' is not 
evolved until we are in the human form. I read also that their are 
two evolutions happening at the same time, the human and the angelic, 
and that the angelic evolve from the bird kingdom. Maybe someone can 
clarify what HPB's thoughts on this are.
> Cass

Dear Cass

Group soul was a term used by Bishop C W 
Leadbeater and Dr Annie Besant in their literature.

Bishop Leadbeater wrote about it variously in 
"A Textbook of Theosophy", "Man, Visible and 
Invisible" and "The Inner Life", amongst other 
of his writings. 

Dr Besant wrote about it in "A Study in 
Consciousness" and "Ancient Wisdom", also amongst 
other of her writings. 

This is another concept they espoused that 
manifestly contradicts that of Madame Blavatsky 
and her teachers.

It was Bishop Leadbeater, Dr Besant and their 
followers too who wrote about two streams of 
evolution. Once again, this is their invention 
and is in opposition to the Theosophical teachings 
of Madame Blavatsky and her teachers.


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> >
> > 
> > That people make of everything they do'nt understand God or 
> > is realy absurd.
> > Christina
> Other teachers like Mx Heindel for instance speak of group spirits 
> that lions as a group are guided by a group spirit. Birds of 
> types are guided by their own group spirit and this is the basis of 
> instinct that mysteriously guides them in their mass migrations and 
> perfectly synchopated flight. 
> I dont find it absurd to believe that we are guided or propelled by 
> group spirit (or in 7 rays) of our own whose method of 
> interaction with us lies in finer energys such as kundalini. 
> This extends to the next level of control which is seen in the 
> which is the womb of the solar system and there are no doubt layers 
> upon layers on top of those. A rather cozy arrangement dont you 
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