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Re: Carlos Castaneda And The Shaman. Tales From The Jungle

Mar 06, 2008 03:20 AM
by Anton Rozman

Hi Perry and all,

>... each can take or leave what they want in their own way and in 
their own time, if at all ? at the end of the day its our choice, 
know one should be there to arbitrate what we should and should not 
read or study or how we interpret things, the key to me is 
discernment, take what we like and leave the rest.<

Thanks! Yes, this is all about. 

May I warmly recommend the movie Don Juan De Marco; it is not a 
"theosophical" movie but years ago I found a lot of theosophy in it; 
and it can possibly help to uncover a little the Truth. 

The story: Psychiatrist Jack Mickler dissuades a would-be suicide - 
the 21-year old, costumed like Zorro claiming he's Don Juan, is held 
for a ten-day review in a mental institution. Mickler, about to 
retire, insists on doing the evaluation and conducts it without 
medicating the youth. "Don Juan" tells his story - birth in Mexico, 
the death of his father, a year in a harem, and finding true love 
(and being rejected) on a remote island. Listening enlivens Mickler's 
relationship with his own wife. As the ten days tick down and 
pressure mounts on Mickler to support the youth's indefinite 
confinement, finding reality within the romantic imagination becomes 
Jack's last professional challenge.

You have it even on YouTube. Here is Part 1:

Best regards,

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