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Re: Theos-World Re: Fake Moon Shots

Mar 05, 2008 10:38 PM
by Leon Maurer

The Moon has no atmosphere, and thus, no life forms.. So, there is no  
wind erosion or any organic or chemical action to destroy the flag.  
If the astronauts put it there, it wouldn't change in a thousand  
years.  So, the only way to know if the US astronauts actually walked  
on the Moon, is to look through a powerful enough telescope and find  
out for ourselves.  Unfortunately, there isn't one with mirrors big  
enough yet, either on Earth or in space, capable of resolving such a  
small image.

So, until any of us can do that -- to get a better picture of the  
Apollo Moon Landing hoax theories, I suggest you go to the following  
site and study all the pro and con evidence.  Then, make up your own  
mind -- which will still be only an opinion.   As for myself, being a  
former motion picture special effects expert, I have no doubt that  
the landings could have been faked -- but I can't be sure that it was.


On Mar 5, 2008, at 3/5/086:21 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

> There is a difference between the Holocaust and the Moon Landing  
> Leon, the Holocaust was witnessed by others, the moon landing  
> wasn't.  As I said, I can't get around how they passed through the  
> Van Allen Belt and I am curious if a flag would be there after 20  
> years.  If it is so simple as seeing the flag why haven't we heard  
> more about it?  I wouldn't be surprised if the Russians knew about  
> it, at a higher level, I believe, that those behind the powers that  
> be, are in direct communication, but that's only my opinion.
>   Cass
> Leon Maurer <> wrote:
>           --- In, Cass Silva  
> <silva_cass@...> wrote:
>> Awesome video on the Apollo mission and how they faked it.. (Earth
>> shots etc)
>> (http://www. watch?v=xUGRngAh BI)
> Since the Russians have photos of our moon landing site -- that video
> is about as much evidence of it not happening as the Holocaust
> deniers have who claim we faked that history. Anyone who has access
> to a powerful enough telescope can easily check to see if the US flag
> is still there. It's wise to take everything you see on YouTube with
> a grain of salt. The camera can lie just as easily as people --- and
> sometimes, even better. (Not to say that the government spooks might
> not have been prepared to fake it if the actual landing didn't come
> off ;-)
> Leon
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