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Re: Theos-World Re: The Coming Teacher?

Mar 05, 2008 02:28 PM
by Cass Silva

Finally theosophists get a call from Maitreya! lol

Antonio/Tony None <> wrote:
          The coming teacher wishes to teach but the world is not yet ready to learn. If i were not in total control of my emotions the situation would make me feel sorry for those who still suffer. When one's life holds suffering inside it, it means their world view is not in alignment with that of correct love. The only teaching of any value is to realign oneself with correct love. This is the way forward for the utopia that will save human life from decreasing rapidly. I know people have little faith and trust in other people they do not know. This is a human failing for we should each be able to trust without having to earn or prove our worth. Scepticsm will ultimatly decay any hope as i know this world is not yet ready to surrender to higher forces, only to obtain higher power for egotisticle control. The illusion is powerful the people not so....

Peace and blessings
Divine Maitreya

Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:
Dear Martin,
what do you want to drink? ...:-)))

Yes, intuition is important as it is beyond the gap of things mortal.
But in twilight times things appear also contradicting.
I never cared about myself, but meditate about the cause.

Imagination is also important.

You are quite right, that EVERYONE - with or without any membership card -
who uses his intuition is within the realm of the great ones.

The bad thing is that many people have a very deep rooted personal bias and
therefore project their own thought into our doctrines (creating theosophy
according to their own image), instead the other way round. They intermix
their emotions or inspirations with intuition, which is on the devine level.

Ignoring facts and shizophrenia is the standard sheme nowadays and is called
normal. Boris de Zirkoff is said to have moaned more than once against this
behavior of most theosophists.

It seems as the Theosophical Movement train stopped and pauses since
decades, waiting for its lazy passengers to come on and jump on.
It seems the average member of any lineage has no idea about the basic
things, as to why the TS was founded and how the Masters work and for what

I have heard longterm members laughing at me, as they claim all work is
already done.

Or that the TS was founded to destroy books. A big monthly in Germany claims
that is was to built gas chambers.
Quite clear, every theosophist in the world has his private gas chamber in
the cellar.

Others claim the TS was founded to destroy Germany, as a German ex Adyar
member whispered into my ear, and the pleasant anticipation in her face and
smile showed, that she expected the time is quite near and then comes the
paradise on Earth.

Once I get depressed seeing so much desinformation and ignorance and lies
and falsifications within "my" Theosophical Movement.
But then I came over a paragraph of Purucker, where he says, that the TM is
an exoteric organization and not higher than the average mankind.
That softed my thoughts a little bit.

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From: Martin
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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: The Coming Teacher?

Dear Frank,

--- Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:

> As soon as ordinary women become enlightened women
> and men become
> enlightened men the Theosophical Movement will be on
> the save side and the
> Masters have reason to give more information.
> Since then this information is only "to the few" (I
> am not included, too).

You ARE included, since you use your intuition AND the
facts. Everybody who uses his intuition for the right
cause is on the level where Masters work.
Intuition is a wonderfull thing, it makes you listen
to yourself many times to what your own mouth sais. I
have that experience and most of the things I learn
come from my own mouth :-)

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