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Re: Carlos Castaneda And The Shaman. Tales From The Jungle

Mar 04, 2008 06:37 PM
by Richard Semock

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> > Interesting doco.
> > Perry
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> Dear Perry
> Thank you for this most interesting documentary
> of yet another fraud and liar duping his 
> followers. 
> I remember reading his work The Teachings of Don 
> Juan in the early seventies.
> It reminds me of one Cyril Hoskin a k a T Lobsang 
> Rampa, another of like kind, who many of us young 
> seekers absorbed, in our gullible innocence, as a 
> truthful and honest person. 
> What is quite extraordinary to me is that, despite 
> unequivocal evidence of their fraud and lies, 
> their deceptions and hypocrisy and their utterly 
> discredited fantasies, they still have followers 
> who believe in them and much of what they say.   
> What is even more extraordinary to me is that 
> among so-called theosophical truth-seekers Bishop 
> C W Leadbeater is still accepted as a person of 
> credibility and even adoration. 
> Others accept him and his fantasies simply because 
> some of his writings happen to copy what other 
> genuine truth-tellers have said or written before 
> him.
> At least Mr Castaneda only claimed to have been 
> taught by a Yaqui shaman. 
> And Mr Hoskin only claimed to be a Tibetan Lama. 
> Bishop Leadbeater claimed to be in contact with the 
> "Supreme Director of evolution on this globe", 
> perhaps his most supreme fantasy, amongst many others.
> From my perspective, humanity's gullibility and 
> misguided forms of acceptance, often influenced by 
> powerful occult energies, know no bounds and ensures 
> we are to remain the mere playthings of the Brothers 
> of the Shadow for some time to come.
> Kind regards
> Nigel

Cmon Nigel, loosen up and row row row your boat gently down the 
stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily for life is but a dream.

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