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Buddhi Re: The Coming Teacher?

Mar 04, 2008 08:43 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

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> Where she in SD1 page 549/550 caduceus (root Asvattha) explained
> evolution from spirit into matter and reinvolution from matter 
> into spirit, page 551.All the same.

I've read it, yet it is very far from saying that kundalini is a 
COMBINATION of positive & negetive enegries in sushumna.

But HPB writes in SD about kundalini:
"KUNDALINI SAKTI. The power or Force which moves in a curved path. It 
is the Universal life-Principle manifesting everywhere in nature". 
(v.1, 293)
So it's not a combination but a higher priciple which has two aspects.
Moreover, in p. 515 she uses Sushumna as a name of one of the rays:

"Such states can be perceived by the SEER or the Adept during the 
hours of trance, under the Sushumna ray ? the first of the Seven 
Mystic rays of the Sun.*
* The names of the Seven Rays ? which are, Sushumna, Harikesa, 
Viswakarman, Viswatryarchas, Sannaddha, Sarvavasu and Swaraj -- are 
all mystical, and each has its distinct application in a distinct 
state of consciousness, for occult purposes"

In comments to Voice of Silence she gaves the following definition:

"24. The "Power" and the "World-mother" are names given to Kundalini- 
one of the mystic "Yogi powers". It is Buddhi considered as an active 
instead of a passive principle (which is generally, when regarded only 
as the vehicle, or casket of the Supreme Spirit ATMA). It is an 
electro-spiritual force, a creative power which when aroused into 
action can as easily kill as it can create."

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