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Re: Carlos Castaneda And The Shaman. Tales From The Jungle

Mar 03, 2008 09:20 PM
by nhcareyta

--- In, "plcoles1" <plcoles1@...> wrote:
> Interesting doco.
> Perry

Dear Perry

Thank you for this most interesting documentary
of yet another fraud and liar duping his 
I remember reading his work The Teachings of Don 
Juan in the early seventies.
It reminds me of one Cyril Hoskin a k a T Lobsang 
Rampa, another of like kind, who many of us young 
seekers absorbed, in our gullible innocence, as a 
truthful and honest person. 

What is quite extraordinary to me is that, despite 
unequivocal evidence of their fraud and lies, 
their deceptions and hypocrisy and their utterly 
discredited fantasies, they still have followers 
who believe in them and much of what they say.   

What is even more extraordinary to me is that 
among so-called theosophical truth-seekers Bishop 
C W Leadbeater is still accepted as a person of 
credibility and even adoration. 
Others accept him and his fantasies simply because 
some of his writings happen to copy what other 
genuine truth-tellers have said or written before 

At least Mr Castaneda only claimed to have been 
taught by a Yaqui shaman. 

And Mr Hoskin only claimed to be a Tibetan Lama. 

Bishop Leadbeater claimed to be in contact with the 
"Supreme Director of evolution on this globe", 
perhaps his most supreme fantasy, amongst many others.

>From my perspective, humanity's gullibility and 
misguided forms of acceptance, often influenced by 
powerful occult energies, know no bounds and ensures 
we are to remain the mere playthings of the Brothers 
of the Shadow for some time to come.

Kind regards

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