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Re: Definition of the 7 Rays

Mar 03, 2008 11:33 AM
by fsgonzales1

  Hello Christina. Thanks a lot for the information given.
  I have already saved it in my PC as I am doing a special study on
the Rays, their meanings, influences and associated Masters.

--- In, "christinaleestemaker"
<christinaleestemaker@...> wrote:
> Hi Fred, maybe I can help you with the following .
> Maha Choha, till this moment I cannot find his rule for one ray 
> especially.I think he is working on all rays.
> Here follows :
> Master the prince Rakoczy is a great Lord of Fohat or cosmic electric 
> fire and head of the seventh ray.The Master is also of course, a very 
> wonderful  superhuman Being highly developed in every aspect of human 
> nature, a glorious, perfected man, a very high Adept.
> Other aspects are therefore fully and perfectly developed and 
> expressed in him.He deals with creative forces of the Solar system 
> and  planet.He is also a great Lord of Wisdom and Love and an 
> embodiment of the Cosmic Will.He is also a Master, an Adept who takes 
> pupils.Ray seven and the first are associated with each other.Some 
> information gives  master St Germain for this ray.
> Master of the first ray is Master Morya.Also the rays are 
> corresponding into colors, crystals,sounds, angels and chakras, 
> planets and days of the week and social functions.
> Not that the first ray is corresponding to the first chakra, it is 
> not .It is to the vicuddha or  fifth troath chakra with planets mars 
> and jupiter and the day tuesday and do=C   crystal and angel Michael.
> Master Koot Hoomi is one of the second ray, a ray of Wisdom and Love 
> corresponding to sahasrara or seventh, crown chakra and sunday and of 
> course star Sun.and sound re=D  sapphire  and angel Gabriël.
> Master of the third Ray is Paul the Venetian
> anahata= fourth,heartchakra and associated with wednesday sound 
> mi=E    emerald  and angel Rafaël.
> Specialized in to be aware and viveka or ability of distinction.
> This three aspects of 1.2 and 3 ray are directly from the 
> willpower,love-wisdom and  ability of distinction.
> Ray 4,5 and 6 are resp from Harmony,Knowledge and Devotion
> Masters are Serapis Bey,Hilarion and Lord Maitreya Jezus, 
> 4 Ray=sound fa=F  muladhara=  first rootchakra , saturday, planet 
> earth.
> 5 Ray sound sol=G    anja,sixth foreheadchakra , monday ,planet 
> saturnus.
> 6 Ray sound la=A   manipura, solar plex  thirdchakra, thursday, 
> planet Venus and Mercurius.
> 7 Ray sound si=B(es)  second chakra, swadhistana or 
> spleenchakra.planet moon and friday.
> Hope I give you some info from my literature from several books and 
> lectures in Theosophy.  
> Christina
> --- In, "fsgonzales1" <fredericosg@> 
> wrote:
> >
> >   I would like to ask other people who are interested in Theosophy 
> to
> > share their views on what are the characteristics of each of the 
> Seven
> > Rays.
> >   And also what Ray is the Mahachohan´s ? He is said to be in the 
> 7th,
> > 4th or 3rd Ray. Is the Mahachohan the Venetian Master or another 
> one?
> >   Frederico
> >

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