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Re: Theos-World Re: The Coming Teacher?

Mar 02, 2008 11:45 PM
by Martin

Well, yes if you see Buddhi the receptor of the Atmic
However all shells around the Atmic are receptive to
the parts higher, so all are female then?
The mind receives the light of Buddhi and the
impressions of Kama, so the mind is a double female?
To me a female is just like a male, they'r both human
and the difference they make is only physical,
With the sexual revolution it became clear there is no
difference, we are all human, no matter what favorite

--- Cass Silva <> wrote:

> Good point Martin, Buddhi is female energy!
>   Cass
> Martin <> wrote:
>           Dear Frank,
> --- Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:
> > As soon as ordinary women become enlightened women
> > and men become
> > enlightened men the Theosophical Movement will be
> on
> > the save side and the
> > Masters have reason to give more information.
> > Since then this information is only "to the few"
> (I
> > am not included, too).
> You ARE included, since you use your intuition AND
> the
> facts. Everybody who uses his intuition for the
> right
> cause is on the level where Masters work.
> Intuition is a wonderfull thing, it makes you listen
> to yourself many times to what your own mouth sais.
> I
> have that experience and most of the things I learn
> come from my own mouth :-)
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