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Re: Theos-World Re: Definition of the 7 Rays

Mar 01, 2008 10:57 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

To all readers

My views are:

Maybe the following could be helpful to contemplate when talking about which ray a Master is on....

1.  In the below quote we find, that it is not of importance which master one is guided by. Later one will know, which one and learn to distinguish the various Masters from each other. So I will conclude, that writing about which ray a Master is on is of small value.


"The real Head of the Esoteric Section is a Master, of whom H. P. Blavatsky is the mouthpiece for this Section. He is one of those Adepts referred to in theosophical literature, and concerned in the formation of the Theosophical Society. It is through H. P. Blavatsky that each member

Page 489

of this Section will be brought more closely than hitherto under His influence and care if found worthy of it. No student, however, need inquire which of the Masters it is. For it does not matter in reality; nor is there any necessity for creating one more chance for indiscretion. Suffice to say, such is the law in the East. 
Each person will receive in the way of enlightenment and assistance, just as much as he or she deserves and no more; and it is to be distinctly understood that in this Body and these relations no such thing is known as favour––all depends upon the person’s merits––and no member has the power or knowledge to decide what either he or another is entitled to. This must be left to those who know––alone. The apparent favour shown to some, and their consequent apparent advancement, will be due to the work they do, to the best of their power, in the cause of Universal Brotherhood and the elevation of the Race.
No man or woman is asked or supposed to do any more than his or her best; but each is expected to work to the extent of their ability and powers.
The value of the work of this Section to the individual member will depend entirely upon:

1st. The person’s power to assimilate the teachings and make them a part of his being; and
2nd. Upon the unselfishness of the motives with which he seeks for this knowledge; that is to say, upon whether he has entered this Section determined to work for humanity, or with only the desire to benefit or gain something for himself alone.

Let all members, therefore, take warning in time, and seriously examine into their motives, for to all those who join this Section certain consequences will ensue." (H. P. Blavatsky Collected Writings online, vol. 12. - p. 488-489)

So all this nonsense in various groups about beginners calling upon a certain Master is not quite what it all is about. The Master needed will be helping the beginner Seeker or chela, and not always the one which the beginner Seeker or chela wants.

- - - - - - -
2. The Secret Doctrine 
"As the invisible Logos, with its seven hierarchies (represented or personified each by its chief angel or rector), form one POWER, the inner and the invisible; so, in the world of Forms, the Sun and the seven chief Planets constitute the visible and active potency; the latter "Hierarchy" being, so to speak, the visible and objective Logos of the invisible and (except in the lowest grades) ever-subjective angels." (The Secret Doctrine vol. 2, p.23)

"It is said by Krishna, the Logos incarnate, in the Bhagavat-gitâ, "The seven great Rishis, the four preceding Manus, partaking of my nature, were born from my mind: from them sprang (emanated or was born) the human race and the world," (Chap. X. Verse 6.)
    Here, by the seven great Rishis, the seven great rupa hierarchies or classes of Dhyan Chohans, are meant. Let us bear in mind that the Saptarshi (the seven Rishis) are the regents of the seven stars of the Great Bear, therefore, of the same nature as the angels of the planets, or the seven great Planetary Spirits. They were all reborn, all men on earth in various Kalpas and races. Moreover, "the four preceding Manus" are the four classes of the originally arupa gods — the Kumâras, the Rudras, the Asuras, etc.: who are also said to have incarnated."
(The Secret Doctrine vol. 2, p.318)

- - - - - - -
Blavatsky says, that there are seven Paths:

"But they had already separated before the ray of divine reason had enlightened the dark region of their hitherto slumbering minds, and had sinned. That is to say, they had committed evil unconsciously, by producing an effect which was unnatural. Yet, like the other six primitive brother or fellow races, even so this seventh, henceforth degenerated race, which will have to bide its time for its final development on account of the sin committed, — even this race will find itself on the last day on one of the seven paths. For "the wise * guard the home of nature's order, they assume excellent forms in secret."† But we must see whether the "animals" tampered with, were of the same kind as those known to zoology.
* This verse in the Veda (X. 5-6), "The seven wise ones (rays of wisdom, Dhyanis) fashion seven paths (or lines as also Races in another sense). To one of these may the distressed mortal come" — which is interpreted solely from the astronomical and cosmic aspect — is one of the most pregnant in occult meaning. The "paths" may mean lines (maryadah), but they are primarily beams of light falling on the paths leading to wisdom. (See Rig Veda IV. 5-13.) It means "ways" or paths. They are, in short, the seven Rays which fall free from the macrocosmic centre, the seven principles in the metaphysical, the seven Races in the physical sense. All depends upon the key used.

† "Rig Veda," X. 10, 5, 2. " (The Secret Doctrine, vol. 2, p. 191)

- - - - - - -
4. The seven chakras in the Head:

"Our seven Chakras are all situated in the head, and it is these Master Chakras which govern and rule the seven (for there are seven) principal plexuses in the body, and the forty-two minor ones to which Physiology refuses that name. The fact that no microscope can detect such centres on the objective plane goes for nothing; no microscope has ever yet detected, nor ever will, the difference between the “motor” and “sensory” nerve-tubes, the conductors of all our bodily and psychic sensations; and yet physiological logic alone would show that such difference

* In the Greek Eastern Church no child is allowed to go to confession before the age of seven, after which he is considered to have reached the age of reason.
† G. B. Morgagni, De sedibus, et causis morborum, etc., Vol XII. 
‡ J. E. Greding, Adversaria medica practica. 
§ J. G. Günz, Prolusio capillos glandulae pinealis in quinque mente alienatis proponit, Lipsiae, 1753.

Page 620

exists. And if the term plexus, in this application, does not represent to the Western mind the idea conveyed by the term of the anatomist, then call them Chakras or Padmas, or the Wheels, the Lotus Hearts and Petals. Remember that Physiology, imperfect as it is, shows septenary groups all over the exterior and interior of the body; the seven head orifices, the seven “organs” at the base of the brain, the seven plexuses (the pharyngeal, laryngeal, cavernous, cardiac, epigastric, prostatic, and the sacral plexus), etc., etc.
When the time comes, the members of the E.S.T. will be given the minute details about the Master Chakras and taught to use them; till then, less difficult subjects have to be learned. If asked whether the seven plexuses, or Tattvic centres of action, are the centres where the seven rays of the Logos vibrate, I answer in the affirmative, simply remarking that the rays of the Logos vibrate in every atom, for the matter of that."

A comment:
In H. P. Blavatsky's Esoteric Section papers in the latest link we find a table, which uses colours and make them correspond to various parts of the body and the Nafs. Interestingly Blavatsky at that page also refer to a series of articles by Rama Prasad published in the Theosophist magazine, which is teaching a part of the Gupta-Vidya. These vital articles is not available on any theosophical website from any of the major Theosophical groups. I can only wonder why? 

Rama Prasad later published a work about the same issues, but not a copy of the articles. (Natures Finer forces by Rama Prasad, - and The later edition - )

Did this help?

M. Sufilight

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: christinaleestemaker 
  Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2008 2:41 PM
  Subject: Theos-World Re: Definition of the 7 Rays

  It is not from Alice Bailey, she mentioned different names and you 
  are right, HPB did not mentioned rays and names from Masters, but she 
  gives good sight on te working aspects.Most of all to be read in SDIII
  Geoffrey Hudson wrote about the names in his Light of the Sanctuary.
  By the way, the question was in Theosophical philosophy and not only 
  from the HPB writings.Theosophy does not end or start with only HPB, 
  although she gives great masterwork in her way.

  --- In, Martin <Mvandertak@...> wrote:
  > Erhmm, you mean its from Alice Bailey's Theosophy,
  > which is quite different than Blavatsky's...I never
  > read a written thing by HPB telling on what ray's some
  > adepts are..I also don't think its helpfull for anyone
  > to know...One thing IS important though: the soul
  > works on ALL rays, since the (Atmic) soul knows
  > all...and after all its the soul which is important ,
  > not the personalities embodying her. Personalities are
  > just temporary here my 2 dollars
  > worth. 
  > --- christinaleestemaker
  > <christinaleestemaker@...> wrote:
  > > Hi Fred, maybe I can help you with the following .
  > > Maha Choha, till this moment I cannot find his rule
  > > for one ray 
  > > especially.I think he is working on all rays.
  > > 
  > > Here follows :
  > > 
  > > Master the prince Rakoczy is a great Lord of Fohat
  > > or cosmic electric 
  > > fire and head of the seventh ray.The Master is also
  > > of course, a very 
  > > wonderful superhuman Being highly developed in
  > > every aspect of human 
  > > nature, a glorious, perfected man, a very high
  > > Adept.
  > > Other aspects are therefore fully and perfectly
  > > developed and 
  > > expressed in him.He deals with creative forces of
  > > the Solar system 
  > > and planet.He is also a great Lord of Wisdom and
  > > Love and an 
  > > embodiment of the Cosmic Will.He is also a Master,
  > > an Adept who takes 
  > > pupils.Ray seven and the first are associated with
  > > each other.Some 
  > > information gives master St Germain for this ray.
  > > 
  > > Master of the first ray is Master Morya.Also the
  > > rays are 
  > > corresponding into colors, crystals,sounds, angels
  > > and chakras, 
  > > planets and days of the week and social functions.
  > > Not that the first ray is corresponding to the first
  > > chakra, it is 
  > > not .It is to the vicuddha or fifth troath chakra
  > > with planets mars 
  > > and jupiter and the day tuesday and do=C crystal
  > > and angel Michael.
  > > 
  > > Master Koot Hoomi is one of the second ray, a ray of
  > > Wisdom and Love 
  > > corresponding to sahasrara or seventh, crown chakra
  > > and sunday and of 
  > > course star Sun.and sound re=D sapphire and angel
  > > Gabriël.
  > > 
  > > Master of the third Ray is Paul the Venetian
  > > anahata= fourth,heartchakra and associated with
  > > wednesday sound 
  > > mi=E emerald and angel Rafaël.
  > > Specialized in to be aware and viveka or ability of
  > > distinction.
  > > This three aspects of 1.2 and 3 ray are directly
  > > from the 
  > > willpower,love-wisdom and ability of distinction.
  > > 
  > > Ray 4,5 and 6 are resp from Harmony,Knowledge and
  > > Devotion
  > > 
  > > Masters are Serapis Bey,Hilarion and Lord Maitreya
  > > Jezus, 
  > > 
  > > 4 Ray=sound fa=F muladhara= first rootchakra ,
  > > saturday, planet 
  > > earth.
  > > 
  > > 5 Ray sound sol=G anja,sixth foreheadchakra ,
  > > monday ,planet 
  > > saturnus.
  > > 
  > > 6 Ray sound la=A manipura, solar plex 
  > > thirdchakra, thursday, 
  > > planet Venus and Mercurius.
  > > 
  > > 
  > > 7 Ray sound si=B(es) second chakra, swadhistana or 
  > > spleenchakra.planet moon and friday.
  > > 
  > > Hope I give you some info from my literature from
  > > several books and 
  > > lectures in Theosophy. 
  > > 
  > > Christina
  > > 
  > > 
  > > 
  > > --- In, "fsgonzales1"
  > > <fredericosg@> 
  > > wrote:
  > > >
  > > > I would like to ask other people who are
  > > interested in Theosophy 
  > > to
  > > > share their views on what are the characteristics
  > > of each of the 
  > > Seven
  > > > Rays.
  > > > And also what Ray is the Mahachohan´s ? He is
  > > said to be in the 
  > > 7th,
  > > > 4th or 3rd Ray. Is the Mahachohan the Venetian
  > > Master or another 
  > > one?
  > > > Frederico
  > > >
  > > 
  > > 
  > > 
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