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Re: Definition of the 7 Rays

Mar 01, 2008 04:14 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Hi Fred, maybe I can help you with the following .
Maha Choha, till this moment I cannot find his rule for one ray 
especially.I think he is working on all rays.

Here follows :

Master the prince Rakoczy is a great Lord of Fohat or cosmic electric 
fire and head of the seventh ray.The Master is also of course, a very 
wonderful  superhuman Being highly developed in every aspect of human 
nature, a glorious, perfected man, a very high Adept.
Other aspects are therefore fully and perfectly developed and 
expressed in him.He deals with creative forces of the Solar system 
and  planet.He is also a great Lord of Wisdom and Love and an 
embodiment of the Cosmic Will.He is also a Master, an Adept who takes 
pupils.Ray seven and the first are associated with each other.Some 
information gives  master St Germain for this ray.

Master of the first ray is Master Morya.Also the rays are 
corresponding into colors, crystals,sounds, angels and chakras, 
planets and days of the week and social functions.
Not that the first ray is corresponding to the first chakra, it is 
not .It is to the vicuddha or  fifth troath chakra with planets mars 
and jupiter and the day tuesday and do=C   crystal and angel Michael.

Master Koot Hoomi is one of the second ray, a ray of Wisdom and Love 
corresponding to sahasrara or seventh, crown chakra and sunday and of 
course star Sun.and sound re=D  sapphire  and angel Gabriël.

Master of the third Ray is Paul the Venetian
anahata= fourth,heartchakra and associated with wednesday sound 
mi=E    emerald  and angel Rafaël.
Specialized in to be aware and viveka or ability of distinction.
This three aspects of 1.2 and 3 ray are directly from the 
willpower,love-wisdom and  ability of distinction.

Ray 4,5 and 6 are resp from Harmony,Knowledge and Devotion

Masters are Serapis Bey,Hilarion and Lord Maitreya Jezus, 

4 Ray=sound fa=F  muladhara=  first rootchakra , saturday, planet 

5 Ray sound sol=G    anja,sixth foreheadchakra , monday ,planet 

6 Ray sound la=A   manipura, solar plex  thirdchakra, thursday, 
planet Venus and Mercurius.

7 Ray sound si=B(es)  second chakra, swadhistana or 
spleenchakra.planet moon and friday.

Hope I give you some info from my literature from several books and 
lectures in Theosophy.  


--- In, "fsgonzales1" <fredericosg@...> 
>   I would like to ask other people who are interested in Theosophy 
> share their views on what are the characteristics of each of the 
> Rays.
>   And also what Ray is the Mahachohan´s ? He is said to be in the 
> 4th or 3rd Ray. Is the Mahachohan the Venetian Master or another 
>   Frederico

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