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Re: Theos-World Re: The Coming Teacher?

Feb 28, 2008 01:35 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Nigel wrote:

Dear Frank

Thank you again for your response.

You may recall, this discussion arose primarily
from the quote by Mr Govert Schuller:
"Besides its three official objects, the mission
of the Theosophical Society was to prepare the
world for the coming of a great spiritual teacher,
expected in the last quarter of the 20th century."

To me it's clear, too, that the TS was created, among other things, to 
prepare for a future bigger event including the arrival of a big teacher, 
the Spiritual Conquerer, which HPB once called Chom-den-da
(funny, in German it is Who-is-coming-there, which, more funny, is the same 
Old High German style of Maya codices and all old Hieroglyphs as Erhard 
Landmann found out -- video at youtube:

But I think that HPB meant with this great spiritual teacher not the 1975 
messenger, which is not higher as the 1875 messenger.
Nor did she mean one of the four messengers of her last photo, who would 
bring irrefutable proofs of the gupta vidya.

The Chom-den-da or Tsong-kha-pa, the beginning and the end of the circle or 
ring of messengers, will debunk the debunkers, or in simply words, bring 
this irrefutable proofs, which were worked out by a handful of true chelas, 
to the public.

Big H was also aware of this, as surviving letters of high Lamas show. For 
this reason his SS - exoteric a Schutz-Staffel or guard squadron, esoteric 
the Schwarze Sonne or Black sun - was at least from the end of the 1920'ies 
on expedition tour world wide to save the proofs of old races and cultures 
and ancient wisdom. He also declared publicly and private to do prepatory 
work for the new messiah and that all his actions must be judged from the 

As stated now many times, from my perspective I do
not agree with his emphasis on ".prepare the world
for the coming of a great spiritual teacher."


So what? You are free for your opinion.
I think otherwise.
If my opinion is right, Besant and Leadbeater with their misunderstanding 
views on messengers would be much near to the truth than you.


Frank you ask, "What do you mean by appearance in
human form? Do they usually appear in animal form?"

Ha:) Perhaps not.

My meaning was that the masters' ongoing work as
I understand it, does not necessarily require
their physical presence, and to focus on this,
or even themselves as distinct entities, can
preclude us from recognising their multitudinous
array of work.


Mmmh, what I know from HPB and others and Mahatma Letters, HPB's teachers 
seem to be very physical humans.
But for their work they are of course independent from the physical 
They can of cause preclude us, but OTOH they have given us remarkable 
insight into their work unparalleled in recorded history.


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