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Re: Theos-World Influence of Mahatmas on people of this world

Feb 28, 2008 08:05 AM
by adelasie

Hello Cass, Friends,

We might keep in mind that when we say that someone "looks like" 
someone else, what we are saying is that when we look at the person, 
we see a resemblance. Another person might not see the resemblance at 

> Nevertheless, this phenomenon of people looking like Masters and
> especially changing their ways of behaviour, has to have some deeper
> link. My personal opinion is that certain Apprentices concede their
> bodies to the Master´s influence so much that the Master actually
> takes over that body, so to speak, although the individual
> consciousness of that body is only widened, and does not suffer in any
> way.

Another point, and more to the point here, is the fact that Masters 
of the 
Great White Lodge have evolved beyond the necessity of incarnating in 

a physical form. They can take on a body if need be, and have done so
 within the history of theosophy, but there is no reason that the 
of, for instance, the Master M, would be the same each time He 
human form. The pictures we have of the Masters are symbolic in 
meant to represent the ideal of perfection for humanity. 

If we see some resonance of perfection in our friend, perhaps we are 
the "real" person. The divine soul can shine forth, if we have eyes 
to see, 
enhancing the familiar form and giving it a larger than life 


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