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Re: Theos-World Influence of Mahatmas on people of this world

Feb 27, 2008 07:02 PM
by fsgonzales1

  Hello Cass, here are my responses to what you put:

>   Cass:  If we are going to follow HPB; we are as you say one great
ocean of being, but we are individual zero points within that ocean,
Morya with his point of consciousness and you with yours.

  Fred: Yes, but, because ultimately every thing is empty of any
lakshana (individual mark) even what we term 'the soul' can beaffected. 
  Take a look at a picture of John Lennon in his early career. Then
look at him in his final days. He was starting to look like an
Oriental. He was starting to look like Yoko Ono his beloved. This
phenomenon is interesting but needs no proof.


>   Cass: HPB told us that for this phenomenon to occur, the
Apprentices physical body must be pure in action, thought and emotion.
 The lower self must be totally subjugated to the higher self.
  Fred: I would say that perhaps there are certain individuals who
have a very deep sensitivity plus karmic connections which allow them
to contact or be contacted by such Masters and be in their sphere of
Radiation, thus becoming enlightened gradually with the Masters´
>   Cass: I would imagine that Tsong Ka Pa was further advanced than
KH, although this is just a guess, but who knows.
  Fred: I also think that Tsong Ka Pa was on the same level at least
than K.H. . I would not put the Masters in such a low position, for we
are told by Theosophy they are Enlightened beings. So is Je Tsong Ka
Pa. Don´t know what could link Tsong with K.H., though.

>   Cass: Perhaps your family have a biological link to the family
that KH incarnated into?
  Fred: No. There is no biological link in my family and I am not
suggesting K.H. incarnated in my family. I am stating that one of my
cousins looks like Morya. And also a friend of mine bears striking
resemblance to K.H. 
  I´m not trying to make any point here.
  Anyway, there is no biological link between my family and the family
of the man who looks like K.H. . It is a big city we live in (6
million people) and really I consider myself lucky to have met the man
who looks like K.H, because even not having anything to do with K.H,
he´s a great hypnotherapist and I cured myself of severe asthma with
his help. If he is/was K.H., and said that to me, I would not have
reluctance in offering my body for the manifestation of KH too, but I
suppose that would require a level of mental purity and good karma
which I don´t have.
  My cousin who is starting to look like Morya has a multi-millionaire
father, and is going to be a millionaire himself. So he could have
some very good karma which made Morya get near him. But I don´t have
such fortune. Although I love my life, of course, and would not
complain about it (it is a good life, I am not poor but not a
  I forgot to write this correctly:
> The leader which I also notice that resembles, from a psychic more
> than physical,[the Master Morya], although physically he´s also
changed somewhat, is
> Russia´s president, I think his name is Vladimir Putin. I watch news
> channels often, and his eyes remind me very much of the Master Morya.
  You can say what you want but I have the feeling that Putin and
Morya have somehow a connection, even if hard to see...

>   Cass:  I am not sure of the point you are trying to make Fred, are
you saying that the likeness is proof of identity of KH operating
through multiple personalities in the world?
>   Cass

  Fred: No, I´m saying "look, I found this interesting, and you,
Theosophists, will perhaps find it interesting too, and have your own
ideas about it."
  I´m not trying to prove any point.
  I do believe the White Brotherhood has kept itself too secret and
Blavatsky´s experiment was considered by them more or less a failure.
  I do think they could come forward a bit more and disperse clouds of
doubt surrounding them, but, who am I to have an opinion in their
matters? I don´t know the issues they´d be faced with if they came
more openly to our disastrous ending Aryan civilization. Perhaps if I
knew I´d agree to stay in Shamballa and don´t mind too much about
saving a world which is heading towards the end of a cycle of
darkness, immersed in darkness, covered by ignorance. Perhaps such a
world really does not deserve much of their attention.

> --- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@> wrote:
> >
> > Don't agree Morten. The Master and the Master's Apprentice are not
> co-existent, in my opinion.
> > 
> > If the mind continually thinks on the same subject, it will
> project that onto the real world. Hence the reason why Christians see
> only Jesus or Mary.
> > 
> > Cass
> > 
> > Morten Nymann Olesen <global-theosophy@> wrote:
> > Hallo Fred
> > 
> > My views are:
> > 
> > In short, I would say, there is a Master Morya hidden in everyone. 
> > :-)
> > 
> > When we think Parabrahman, contemplate ParaBrahman, breathe
> ParaBrahman we will be that very same ParaBrahman.
> > 
> > These are my views.
> > 
> > M. Sufilight
> > 
> > ----- Original Message ----- 
> > From: fsgonzales1 
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> > Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 1:47 AM
> > Subject: Theos-World Influence of Mahatmas on people of this world
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I am new to this forum. You can call me Fred. I have been interested
> > in the occult for some 12 years now. I am currently 26 years old. I
> > met Theosophy through my stepmother who was a member of the
> > Theosophical Society for some years in the country I live in (Brazil).
> > She presented me with the first book of Theosophy I read.
> > Through all these years, which in spite of my young age have been
> > fruitful years of study, what began with Theosophy lead me into
> > Buddhism, then into Tibetan Buddhism and later a wider understanding
> > of the so-called "Masters of Wisdoms", although this understanding is
> > yet so little that I can only say I have learned the letter "A" in an
> > entire alphabet of knowledge.
> > One of the things I have observed, quite to my amazement, is that
> > certain people look or begin to look like one of these so-called
> > Masters of Wisdom. I have witnessed this more than one time. 
> > So I decided to write here, for more knowledge on the subject which
> > could clarify some things for me. 
> > Do the Masters choose some human being and then project their
> > consciousness into his, so that he starts looking like them? 
> > I have one friend which looks very much like the Master K.H. , and I
> > have noticed in past few years that one of my cousins is starting to
> > look like Master Morya although he´s even younger than me, he´s 24
> > years old but his nose and especially the eyes changed so much, and
> > now resemble a lot the look and the nose of Master Morya.
> > What is the mechanism behind this phenomenon?
> > I am sure there is a certain mechanism to it. It could be an
> > agreement made on a spiritual level. I don´t know. Please , enlighten
> > me as to this, because it is a very weird thing without a rational
> > explanation, which makes me uneasy.
> > I also see that one of the principal world leaders has that same
> > look as Master Morya. 
> > I would like to hear opinions and views on this.
> > 
> > May all being be happy and not suffer,
> > 
> > Fred
> > 
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