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Re: Theos-World - Fools rush in

Feb 27, 2008 02:38 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Dear Frank

I wrote in the email in mention:
"No, I have not passed the latest test. I have failed utterly, and that is 
why I suffer every day."

If you can turn that into something covering the 7th initiation, it is your 
I was simply talking about my latest test and nothing else.

Ok, I see, you mean something different than the last initiation.

I do not agree with Benjamin Creme's views and a number of his statements. I 
think you already is aware of this.
But, I would really like to know if you think, that the Masters are - not - 
involved in communication with politicians on the most highest levels on 
this planet? I do think that they are.

When discoursing about the link, whether broken or not, I was talking about 
the link of leading theosophists to the Mahatmans, not the Mahatamans work 
for and in the outer world in general.
I personally have no own knowledge of their communication to politicians. 
But I know Purucker's statement, that they do such communications in one way 
or another, but not about political business, only about development of 
mankind in general.

But that level is not my business.

My business as theosophist is to deal with theosophical organizations and 
the link to the great ones.
Purucker said, that when the link is broken, theosophists shouls strive to 
reestablish this link.
I wonder, if and what theosophists and group leaders do in that direction.


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