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Influence of Mahatmas on people of this world

Feb 26, 2008 08:43 AM
by fsgonzales1


  I am new to this forum. You can call me Fred. I have been interested
in the occult for some 12 years now. I am currently 26 years old. I
met Theosophy through my stepmother who was a member of the
Theosophical Society for some years in the country I live in (Brazil).
She presented me with the first book of Theosophy I read.
  Through all these years, which in spite of my young age have been
fruitful years of study, what began with Theosophy lead me into
Buddhism, then into Tibetan Buddhism and later a wider understanding
of the so-called "Masters of Wisdoms", although this understanding is
yet so little that I can only say I have learned the letter "A" in an
entire alphabet of knowledge.
  One of the things I have observed, quite to my amazement, is that
certain people look or begin to look like one of these so-called
Masters of Wisdom. I have witnessed this more than one time. 
  So I decided to write here, for more knowledge on the subject which
could clarify some things for me. 
  Do the Masters choose some human being and then project their
consciousness into his, so that he starts looking like them? 
  I have one friend which looks very much like the Master K.H. , and I
have noticed in past few years that one of my cousins is starting to
look like Master Morya although he´s even younger than me, he´s 24
years old but his nose and especially the eyes changed so much, and
now resemble a lot the look and the nose of Master Morya.
  What is the mechanism behind this phenomenon?
  I am sure there is a certain mechanism to it. It could be an
agreement made on a spiritual level. I don´t know. Please , enlighten
me as to this, because it is a very weird thing without a rational
explanation, which makes me uneasy.
  I also see that one of the principal world leaders has that same
look as Master Morya. 
  I would like to hear opinions and views on this.
  May all being be happy and not suffer,

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