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Re: Theos-World H P Blavatsky; a Great Betrayal. Download

Feb 26, 2008 00:57 AM
by Martin

See here also Eduard Schure mentioned, which hasn't
been mentioned in the Theosophical Encyclopedia???
Thanks for this brilliant piece of 'search and deploy'

--- nhcareyta <> wrote:

> "This Protest has been undertaken at the earnest 
> and repeated requests of Theosophical friends of 
> long standing. They feel strongly that the time 
> has come for one of H. P. Blavatsky's old pupils, 
> who was a member of her Inner Group, to 
> demonstrate ' as clearly as possible that the 
> teachings promulgated for nearly twenty years 
> past by the present leaders of the "Theosophical 
> Society" have departed more and more from 
> H. P. B.'s..."
> Download:

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