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Re: Theos-World Mahatmic involvement?

Feb 25, 2008 07:52 PM
by Cass Silva

You know what Nigel, teachers may come in all shapes and forms and may not even know that they are teachers.  Gates invention has to be one of the most significant in the 21st century.  Was it only 40 years ago we were still using telegrams and posting letters.

nhcareyta <> wrote:
          Dear Cass and all

Cass, thank you for your response and yes it was 
in effect, although I'm sure you know I am not 
suggesting Bill Gates to be a master or the new 
Madame Blavatsky!!!

>From Wikipedia comes the following:

"1975?1985: Founding:

Following the launch of the Altair 8800, Bill Gates 
called the creators of the new microcomputer, Micro 
Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), 
offering to demonstrate an implementation of the 
BASIC programming language for the system. After 
the demonstration, MITS agreed to distribute Altair 
Gates left Harvard University, moved to Albuquerque, 
New Mexico where MITS was located, and founded 
Microsoft there.
The MITS Altair 8800 was a microcomputer design from 
1975, based on the Intel 8080 CPU and sold as a 
mail-order kit through advertisements in Popular 
Electronics, Radio-Electronics and other hobbyist 
magazines. The designers intended to sell only a few 
hundred to hobbyists, and were surprised when they 
sold thousands in the first month. Today the Altair 
is widely recognized as the spark that led to the 
personal computer revolution of the next few years."

It seems the masters work on different levels or states 
and with different vehicles or forms of consciousness 
as evidenced in their correspondence with Mr Sinnett 
and Mr Hume.

The 1970's saw the beginnings of personal computers 
leading to individual access to the internet; the 
release of the Tibetan Kangyur and Tangyur teachings 
on which the Secret Doctrine and Voice of the Silence 
are based; and the Dalai Lama first visited the West 
in Europe. 

A few months earlier we walked on the moon, 
thereby massively expanding humanity's consciousness 
as to our innate potential.

Each of these are examples to me of potential Mahatmic 
involvement at some level or other.

We often don't need look too far for inspiration and 
expansion of awareness. 

And perhaps waiting for the next Messiah or teacher 
is missing the opportunities and awakenings of the 
present moment, where all is.

Kind regards

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> IMO you're right Nigel concerning the information age, which I 
wasn't thinking of at the time. Wasn't it in 1975 that Bill Gates 
registered Microsoft. 
> Cass
> nhcareyta <nhcareyta@...> wrote:
> Dear Cass
> Points well made.
> In addition have we thought much about the dawning 
> of the "information age" with computers and the 
> internet. 
> Was this part of their "effort?"
> On the jnana path, information leads to knowledge; 
> and knowledge to awakening.
> And what would be the need for a messiah figure with 
> all this information extant, other than to relieve the 
> burdensome task of thinking and doing the work for 
> ourselves?
> Kind regards
> Nigel 
> --- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@> wrote:
> >
> > Perhaps the problem is that Theosophists are looking for a new 
> Blavatsky. As she said, lesser messengers will come with their 
> contribution to spritual wakefullness. I think we can see this in 
> the West with the acceptance of eastern methodolgies, e.g. yoga, 
> reiki, tai-chi,healers, all practices contribute to an overall 
> awareness that we are not just the body!
> > 
> > Cass
> > 
> > Morten Nymann Olesen <global-theosophy@> wrote:
> > To all readers
> > 
> > My views are:
> > 
> > There is - one more - quote from HPB about what will happen in 
> years after 1975.
> > I think with an organisation awaiting his arrival as HPB puts it 
> the below, - one will have to stop believeing it to be the fact, 
> the number of persons involved in this are more than a few science 
> intellectuals:
> > 
> > "...that during the last quarter of every hundred years an 
> is made by those "Masters," of whom I have spoken, to help on the 
> spiritual progress of Humanity in a marked and definite way. 
> the close of each century you will invariably find that an 
> or upheaval of spirituality -- or call it mysticism if you prefer --

> has taken place. Some one or more persons have appeared in the 
> as their agents, and a greater or less amount of occult knowledge 
> teaching has been given out. If you care to do so, you can trace 
> these movements back, century by century, as far as our detailed 
> historical records extend...If the present attempt, in the form of 
> our Society, succeeds better than its predecessors have done, then 
> will be in existence as an organized, living and healthy body when 
> the time 307 comes for the effort of the XXth century. The general 
> condition of men's minds and hearts will have been improved and 
> purified by the spread of its teachings,
> > and, as I have said, their prejudices and dogmatic illusions will 
> have been, to some extent at least, removed. Not only so, but 
> a large and accessible literature ready to men's hands, the next 
> impulse will find a numerous and united body of people ready to 
> welcome the new torch-bearer of Truth. He will find the minds of 
> prepared for his message, a language ready for him in which to 
> the new truths he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival, 
> will remove the merely mechanical, material obstacles and 
> difficulties from his path. Think how much one, to whom such an 
> opportunity is given, could accomplish. Measure it by comparison 
> what the Theosophical Society actually has achieved in the last 
> fourteen years, without any of these advantages and surrounded by 
> hosts of hindrances which would not hamper the new leader. Consider 
> all this, and then tell me whether I am too sanguine when I say 
> if the Theosophical Society survives and lives true to
> > its mission, to its original impulses through the next hundred 
> years? Tell me, I say, if I go too far in asserting that earth will 
> be a heaven in the twenty-first century in comparison with what it 
> now! 
> > (H. P. Blavatsky's book "Key to Theosophy", s. 306-7. English 
> edition, Italics added.)
> > 
> > So HPB said in the above: "Think how much one, to whom such an 
> opportunity is given, could accomplish. Measure it by comparison 
> what the Theosophical Society actually has achieved in the last 
> fourteen years, without any of these advantages and surrounded by 
> hosts of hindrances which would not hamper the new leader."
> > 
> > So I guess I will just have to disagree with you about the 
> importance of the numbers who receives the message Frank. I think 
> is not just me, who talk about it. As we can see HPB also did it. A 
> high initiate will exactly be able to deliver a message about truth 
> and theosophy, and will be able to reach thousands and tens of 
> thousands with the proper message.
> > 
> > But of course if you are right a spiritual outpouring coming from 
> the Masters will only affect a very few persons.
> > Some how I find my self disagreeing with this view.
> > 
> > Frank wrote:
> > "You stick to much in forms rather than ideas."
> > 
> > I am afraid you misunderstand, what I am talking about.
> > I am exactly sticking to "ideas" or rather what we 
call "spiritual 
> impact".
> > The level of "spiritual impact" are always related to the number 
> persons affected by the impact.
> > 
> > M. Sufilight
> > 
> > ----- Original Message ----- 
> > From: Frank Reitemeyer 
> > To: 
> > Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 10:28 PM
> > Subject: Re: Theos-World - Fools rush in
> > 
> > Morten,
> > I will not disturb your comfort and your conviction that you are 
> right, but 
> > to answer your additional question:
> > We do not talk about for how many persons the ultimate proofs 
> given.
> > It's just you. To me it's not important. HPB did not write about 
> quantities.
> > Important is that this proofs were given.
> > I believe this predicted proofs are connected with the 
> guruparampara, which 
> > was launched by HPB.
> > You may consider the first aim of the TS: To form a nucleus, not 
> form a 
> > crowd as much as possible.
> > 
> > As to the intellectual and spiritual level: This group of persons 
> obviously 
> > cannot be very big, because most people were not fit.
> > Not even in the broad Theosophical Movement many theosophists 
> (and so 
> > until today) ready.
> > There are lineages within the TM which would even reject that 
> were 
> > other messengers than HPB.
> > Most people - including theosophical circles - do not even 
> understand the 
> > newspaper.
> > 
> > So what would they gain when they would hear of a knowledge far 
> advanced 
> > from their own point of view?
> > So, logically, it could only be few. Even HPB's last book of the 
> Golden 
> > rules is dedicated to the few.
> > What then about teachings which go beyond that book?
> > What does it matter, to how many people the proofs were given?
> > I think you simply did not understand my opinion about the 
> plan.
> > 
> > You stick to much in forms rather than ideas.
> > 
> > Although only few theosophists may be ready, there may be 
> some out 
> > there who think about 2075.
> > Best
> > Frank
> > 
> > ----- Original Message ----- 
> > From: Morten Nymann Olesen
> > To:
> > Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 9:56 PM
> > Subject: Re: Theos-World - Fools rush in
> > 
> > I understand, that I was to be given such an answer to my 
> > I will rest in comfort, that my views are most likely true.
> > 
> > You could consider the following questions and then consider why 
> answered 
> > like I did:
> > If one is to give others irrefutable proof of Gupta Vidya, who 
> would they 
> > be?
> > How many persons are we at least talking about? And what kind of 
> proof would 
> > be required so we could call it irrefutable?
> > 
> > M. Sufilight
> > 
> > ----- Original Message ----- 
> > From: Frank Reitemeyer
> > To:
> > Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 9:26 PM
> > Subject: Re: Theos-World - Fools rush in
> > 
> > 1.
> > Frank wrote:
> > "So, from the logic point of view, HPB was refering to her occult 
> successor
> > in the Tibeto-Dzyan-transmission line."
> > 
> > That is not logic. That was not what H. P. Blavatsky said.
> > H. P. Blavatsky said: "In Century the Twentieth some disciple 
> informed,
> > and far better fitted, may be sent by the Masters of Wisdom to 
> final
> > and irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science called Gupta-
> Vidya"
> > 
> > That is "irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science called 
> Gupta-Vidya".
> > This proof would be given by a disciple more informed and far 
> better fitted,
> > than who? Logically a person more informed and better fitted Than 
> H. P.
> > Blavatsky herself. And that is why such a person much likely 
> be known
> > to the public, and not a person whom only a very few would learn 
> about!
> > This is a more likely view than the one you prefer to emphasise.
> > What "irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science called Gupta-
> Vidya" are
> > better than to show people it all through action and to be an 
> example to
> > tohers?
> > 
> > -------------------------------
> > 
> > Morten,
> > yes, the disciple would be more informed and better fitted than 
> Blavatsky,
> > therefore she could have been meant the 1975 messenger, but 
> a chela
> > in the gurparampara.
> > As you can see, you have missed be point, for I was refering to 
> that logic
> > before, the logic which you reject and at the same time you admit 
> it.
> > 
> > But HPB never said, that and how much this disciple which would 
> send to
> > the West, would be known to the public. That is but your - 
unbased -
> > interpretation, not HPB's meaning.
> > 
> > She also says nothing about the quantity of people who could 
> from it.
> > That is your - unbased - interpretation, too.
> > 
> > And I am sorry to say, that HPB does not say anything about the 
> time frame
> > she had in mind. It can be relatively few people from the time of 
> getting
> > started, but in the course of time - and Masters think in 
> centuries, a
> > mantra GdeP always used - after decades or centuries the quantity 
> could grow
> > much from such a nucleus. So, it's but your interpretation, too.
> > 
> > HPB writes only that this proofs will be given, she gives no time 
> line for
> > publication. She hints rather to a time capsule.
> > 
> > -------------------------------
> > 
> > 2.
> > Frank wrote:
> > "Sai Baba may be a fine teacher for some people, but he is 
> certainly not
> > trained in the Dzyan school and therefore no messenger of the 
> and
> > Masters and Wisdom and Peace."
> > 
> > You claim a lot here. Do you know who Sathya Sai Baba is?
> > What are you basing your views in the above on?
> > Why should your view be given any validity at all?
> > -------------------------------
> > 
> > I claim nothing. I just share my opinion with you.
> > My view has only the validity someone gives.
> > You are free to believe what you want.
> > I do the same.
> > 
> > Best
> > Frank
> > 
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> > 
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