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Theosophical Center/Branch

Feb 24, 2008 05:24 AM
by MKR

Here is an interesting post on Internet regarding a center in Greece. Show
where some branches are heading.


hearing about this conference made my day. it is wonderful that more
people will be able to be influenced by her work. we visited our local
theosophy center here a few years ago and was dis-heartened that when
we pointed to her picture on the wall and no one knew who she was; and
when we told them who she was and about how important she was for
theosophy they did not even care to know, and swiftly turned back to
the basic bull-shit that they were into. the only good thing there was
that they actually had some psychic readers that were genuine enough
to see our thoughts and concerns and do accurate readings. But that is
not what theosophy is about. this center used to have genuine
theosophist there who followed the teachings and only occasionally
strayed from them for entertainment purposes such as tarot and
saucers. WE HAVE NOT BEEN BACK. At least somewhere her presence and
purer theosophy is still strong. Halleluiah for Greece. -L

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