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Re: The matrix of Illusion - Leon

Feb 21, 2008 06:16 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Cass and all

Thank you for this fascinating and encouraging clip.

Some of the truths are certainly awakening into the 
broader community in quite contemporary and dramatic 
forms such as this presentation.

>From a Theosophical perspective, it correctly 
identifies Consciousness as the basis of all.
Also from a Theosophical perspective, a slight concern 
arises for me where inferences are drawn to suggest 
that the human mind is responsible for creating reality. 
An appropriate question might be, to what extent?

The philosophy that reality is created by our perception 
has a long history. 
The Yogachara, or "mind only" school of Tibetan Buddhism 
teaches that mind creates objectivity. 
Zen asks the question, "If a tree falls over in a forest 
and there is nothing there to hear it, does it make a 
In Western philosophy, subjective or pure idealism or 
solipsism suggests that without our minds none of this 
that we are experiencing exists.

A quote from Wikipedia can serve as a possible 
elaboration for our purpose:
"Solipsism refers to several world views whose common 
element is some form of denial of the existence of a 
universe independent from the mind of the agent."

Interestingly Madame Blavatsky rejects solipsism. 
She writes, "?the pure idealist is brought face to 
face with the assertion of science, that the 
objective universe existed aeons before the first 
dawn of human consciousness." 
The Theosophist,Vol.XVIII, No.1,October,1896,pp. 9-12. 
BCW Vol 8 "Modern idealism worse than materialism"

It seems that we humans have some limited control 
over the state of affairs of ourselves and our planet, 
but not total control; and certainly not over the 

>From the Theosophical Kosmic schema perhaps there 
might be other activities and agendas at work. 

Thanks again.

Kind regards

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