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Re: Theos-World - Fools rush in

Feb 21, 2008 04:47 PM
by Cass Silva

  Who was or is the 1975 messenger?

Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:
          Nigel writes:

Mr Schuller (Scheuler) writes in his article `
The Masters and Their Emissaries:
>From H.P.B. to Guru Ma and Beyond', "Besides its
three official objects, the mission of the
Theosophical Society was to prepare the world
for the coming of a great spiritual teacher,
expected in the last quarter of the 20th century."

I don't accept this premise to be correct and
don't accept his quote from the Key to Theosophy
as validation of this. Their "mission" or rather,
their "forlorn hope" was to assist in the
alleviating of suffering through the release of
a body of teachings.

Frank replies:

There are many more references of HPB to the promise of Tsong-kha-pa, that 
the Lodge will send out every century a messenger to the Barbarians, f.e. in 
her Collected Writings or the so-called 3rd vol. of The Secret Doctrine.
Other teachers of Theosophy (HPB's successors in the Tibeto-Dzyan 
transmission line) also taught positively the coming of an outer messenger 
around 1975.
HPB makes also a play about the messenger of 2075.
Even if theosophical teachers did not teach about and worked towards the 
1975 messenger - fact is, for all, who have eyes to see - that the 1975 
messenger did really come to the West and brought new teachings, although 
most "theosophists" - lying in coma - did not recognize him, the majority 
until today.

Nigel writes:

He writes, "Annie Besant, Blavatsky's successor
as leader of the Theosophical Society."

Madame Blavatsky was never leader of the Theosophical
Society and Dr Besant was therefore not her successor.
This is a mistake which is quite extraordinary unless
he has information to the contrary.

Frank replies:

Your are both wrong.
HPB was Leader of the Theosophical Movement, Besant not.
Besant was successor of the President of the Blavatsky Lodge and President 
of the European Section and was made O.H. *** on probation *** of the E.S.

Therefore Besant got NOT HPB's occult ring, but only her precipitated copy 
of it.
HPB's occult successor was hidden announced by HPB herself as a picture 

What have all the theosophical sects now to say?

Nigel writes:

He continues, ".and Charles Webster Leadbeater,
mediator between the Adepts and the Theosophical

I do not accept this as true for the reasons I have
stated in this forum many times.

Frank replies:

Right, Leadbeater was no mediator, but only a medium of the astral world.
His alleged "Masters" are his mayavic ideations, as Hugh Sherman once put it 
and have nothing in common wit HPB's Masters.

Nigel writes:

He finishes his sentence, ".were directed to implement
this project fifty years in advance."

Frank replies:

Idiotic, Besant and Leadbeater finished nothing and not in advance, they 
destroyed the TS and made a church of blind believing, flight-from-reason 
mental slaves of it (until TODAY thinking is forbidden in the Adyar TS) - 
the direct opposition of the Original programme. They did not help one iota 
the 1975 messenger. They did all to detroy the work of the Masters.

Besant and Leadbeater are the biggest enemies of Theosophy, besides that 
they promoted black-magic anti-Germanism with lies, cant and slander 
(whereas all messengers of the Lodge before HPB - like the Count of St. 
Germain (as the name shows) and after HPB, including the 1975 messenger, 
were German-friendly and opposed judeo-anglo-saxon materialism and 
hypocrisy, compare HPB on cant and Carlyle.



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