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Re: Courage of Conviction

Feb 20, 2008 07:54 AM
by nigel_healy

Hello Bill
Thank you for your comments.

You say, "I wonder could you tell us one 
Spiritual TRUTH?" 

This to me seems a curious question on a 
Theosophical talk group whose members, one 
would assume, are familiar with the writings 
of H.P.Blavatsky and her Adept Teachers and 
the extraordinary way in which this information 
was released, not to mention the unparalleled 
sacrifice on H.P.B.'s behalf in order that we 
'free thinkers' in the west have access to the 
Spiritual TRUTH's  of the Ageless Wisdom.

Whether or not these are "obvious" to one or 
another of us is irrelevant. Any serious 
Theosophical student knows that more often 
than not these Spiritual/Occult concepts are 
not obvious at all, and in fact require a great 
effort if the student is to begin to comprehend 
some of the mysteries of the Cosmos.
Perhaps the fact that effort is required, is 
one of the reasons so many lean toward the 
simplified neo-theosophy of Bishop Leadbeater, 
Dr. Besant, Geoffrey Hodson and so on.
These writings, of course, have nothing to do 
with the original Theosophy and it's enquiring 
open minded approach and everything to do with 
a religious blind belief/follower mind-set 

Thanks again for your response,

--- In, meredith_bill <meredith_bill@...> 
> Thanks for your thoughts.
> nigel_healy wrote:
> >
> > Hello to you all.
> >
> > "A man who outgrows an old belief and grasps
> > a broader concept should not be branded
> > inconsistent because he has changed his mind.
> > He is inconsistent only if he tries to
> > reconcile the new and the old and live a
> > comprimise between them." (Manly P.Hall)
> >
> A foolish *consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds*, adored 
> *little* statesmen and philosophers and divines. Ralph Waldo 
> Self-Reliance *...*
> >
> > It seems to me very strange indeed that after
> > centuries of intellectual oppression through
> > religious dogmatic domination and outright
> > terror, we currently find ourselves in a time
> > when the noose has been loosened, we have been
> > given a substantial amount of Occult Knowledge
> > - Spiritual TRUTH from very obviously legitimate
> > sources (to anyone who has investigated the
> > recent Thesophical Movement in an unbiased
> > fashion)..... and yet we continue to hold on
> > to these old religious tenets as if they were
> > an aging member of the family that we have
> > grown particularly fond of, who tells us stories
> > that take us back to our childhood and feelings
> > of comfort and warm security!
> > And we do this,it seems, because we are 'free' to!
> >
> It does not seem so strange to me.  I wonder could you tell us one 
> "Spiritual TRUTH?"  What is obvious to one may not be so obvious 
> another.  Does this mean that something is wrong with one or the 
> >
> >
> > There is a gulf of a difference between a free
> > thinking mind, and one that is scattered,
> > unfoccused and not quite able to fill in those
> > worn grooves.
> >
>  I have met free thinkers whose thoughts appear scattered and 
> to others.  However, I have learned that all is not always as it 
> appears.
> The Spiritual Path, as we know from The Voice
> of The Silence, is not an easy one and requires
> >
> > courage of conviction, humility, dharana and
> > plenty of kshanti!
> > I would think that most of us on this group
> > are in a position to continue the work, in
> > whatever way we can, of H.P.B. and her(our)
> > Teachers in alleviating the suffering of All
> > beings, which includes breaking the chains of
> > religious dogma.
> >
> > Let's not waste this wonderful opportunity.
> >
> I understand what you are saying here.  Still,  unless we are free 
> waste opportunities, are we really free?  One man's opportunity is 
> another's restriction.  Who shall decide for anyone but himself?
> >
> >
> > "The approximate and vague conception of the
> > spiritual truths of existence provided by the
> > revealed religions of the world and the code
> > of conduct based on them are adequate for man
> > in the early stages of his spiritual evolution
> > but not for the seeker after Truth who wants
> > to free himself from the illusions and
> > limitations of the life on the lower planes
> > of existence."
> >
> It is for each to decide the degree of freedom he or she wishes to 
> exercise in this life.  As Chuck recently said,  "One of the first 
> of life is to never allow yourself to be limited by someone else's 
> definition of responsibility." 
> > "If he ignores it (Truth) and prefers to live
> > a "free" life without any restraints or
> > direction he does it to his own disadvantage
> > and will have to come back to it sooner or
> > later at the cost of much suffering and loss
> > of time. In a world governed by natural and
> > spiritual laws in every sphere and directed
> > by an overall Plan and Purpose we cannot live
> > lawlessly and purposelessly."
> > (I.K. TAIMNI; Science and Occultism)
> >
> Sure we can.
> >
> >
> > Kind regards,
> > nigelH
> >
> --bill
> >
> >
> >

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