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Re: Theos-World - Fools rush in

Feb 19, 2008 00:10 AM
by Martin

Lets forget about the Mahatmas, yes..they work on the
mental planes, so why always refer to them? If I read
the various pieces of Theosophy here, I hear the
masters through each of the words. It's however not
those masters only, but the ones inside yourselves as
well I read and see, since the Mind is a common thing!

--- Cass Silva <> wrote:

> Dear Nigel,
>   I did a quick scan of Gerald's site and found some
> interesting information.  I have had personal
> 'forum' discussions with Gerald and found him to be
> a man of integrity and honesty.  I personally have a
> blockage when it comes to the Masters contacting
> these groups such as the Temple of the Presence. 
> The language used in their recent correspondence
> doesn't have the same ring of authority to it as
> written in The Mahatma Letters.
>   I don't think the references came through with the
> article, but I found these to be more valuable in
> terms of comparing HPB and Krishnamurti.  I can see
> now where Morten was coming from, although the
> Messiah Project was not so much the issue, as the
> issue of a non-self, thereby hampering the evolution
> of many who take on board this teaching.
>   What are your ideas on the Masters continual
> communication through various emissaries over the
> past 100 years.  Also found out that the difference
> between an Ascended Master and a Master is in the
> use of which vehicle is used!  According to the
> Temple site, Morya and KH have taken another
> initiation and are now ascended masters.  My
> intuition tells me that the Masters have been silent
> for over 100 years, probably knowing from past
> experience that 'fools rush in - where wise men fear
> to tread"
>   Cass
>           Dear Cass
> Good grief! We have so much work to do, even if only
> exposing 
> ordinary and verifiable truths and lies.
> Kind regards
> Nigel
> --- In, Cass Silva
> <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> >
> > I have just read an article which sheds new light
> on the 
> Krishnamurt-Theosophical debate. This is from the
> Alpheas Web Site - 
> Gerald Schueller
> > Cass
> > The Masters and Their Emissaries:
> > From H.P.B. to Guru Ma and Beyond By Govert
> Schuller 
> Stand beneath the waterfall and receive unreservedly
> the flow of the 
> hierarchy of Aquarius that comes through our
> embodied messengers. 
> When the waterfall ceases to flow, move on, for
> hierarchy will not be 
> stopped. We will open another stream and prepare a
> channel for the 
> crystal-clear waters of life
> > --Kuthumi
> > 
> > On September 7, 1875, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
> and Henry Steel 
> Olcott founded the Theosophical Society. They were
> directed to do so 
> by two eastern Adepts or Masters, Morya and Koot
> Hoomi.(1) Besides 
> its three official objects (1a), the mission of the
> Theosophical 
> Society was to prepare the world for the coming of a
> great spiritual 
> teacher, expected in the last quarter of the 20th
> century.(2) 
> > Annie Besant, Blavatsky's successor as leader of
> the Theosophical 
> Society, and Charles Webster Leadbeater, mediator
> between the Adepts 
> and the Theosophical Society, were directed to
> implement this project 
> fifty years in advance.(3) The young Jiddu
> Krishnamurti was chosen 
> and trained to be the vehicle through whom the World
> Teacher Lord 
> Maitreya would reveal himself.(4) The Order of the
> Star in the East 
> was the worldwide organization to draw together all
> those who 
> expected the coming of this great teacher.
> Krishnamurti became its 
> Head. Not all Theosophists were in agreement with
> these developments.
> (5) Until about 1927 all went relatively well(6) and
> starting on 
> December 28, 1925 Krishnamurti was overshadowed a
> few times by Lord 
> Maitreya.(7) Krishnamurti and other Theosophists
> declared the project 
> successful,(8) others were of the opposite
> opinion.(9) From about 
> 1927 on Krishnamurti decided to go his own way and
> irrevocably 
> dissociated himself from the project by
> > dissolving the Order of the Star on August 3,
> 1929. 
> > Through Theosophists Cyril Scott and David Anrias,
> the Adepts 
> communicated their evaluation of the project and
> declared it an 
> almost complete failure.(10) Krishnamurti caused so
> much confusion 
> in the ranks of the Theosophists, that the
> Theosophical Society was 
> disqualified as the spearhead of the work of the
> Adepts. 
> Nevertheless, some Theosophists, such as C.
> Jinarajadasa and Geoffrey 
> Hodson, were still in contact with the Adepts(11),
> and They kept a 
> continuing interest in the affairs of the
> Theosophical Society.(12) 
> Furthermore the Adepts worked also with Alice
> Bailey, which was not 
> successful (13), and with Nicholas and Helena
> Roerich, which was.(14)
> > Three months after Krishnamurti had dissolved the
> Order of the 
> Star, the crash on the New York Stock Exchange
> happened. This event 
> was the starting point of an unprecedented
> disastrous sixteen-year-
> cycle of economic depression, militarism, fascism
> and war, 
> culminating in the Holocaust and the use of the
> atomic bomb. This 
> was no coincidence. One of its main causes was the
> earlier mentioned 
> confusion amongst many advanced souls. They were not
> able anymore 
> to keep the forces of darkness at bay.(15) 
> > In the summer of 1930, the Adept Saint Germain
> approached Guy 
> Ballard, an American mining engineer with an
> interest in the occult, 
> with the request to become messenger for the Adepts.
> Ballard wrote 
> Unveiled Mysteries under the name Godfre Ray King
> and founded the "I 
> AM" Movement.(16) Through Ballard the Adepts gave
> the revelations 
> deemed necessary for the Age of Aquarius, which
> originally were 
> intended to be given through Krishnamurti.(17) These
> revelations 
> included original teachings about mantra yoga, the
> divine self or the 
> I AM Presence, and the initiation of the
> ascension.(18) In the 
> 1930s the "I AM" Movement was very successful.(19)
> Because of Guy 
> Ballard's passing in 1939, a string of lawsuits and
> bad publicity, 
> the movement experienced a setback. Guy Ballard's
> wife, Edna Ballard, 
> succeeded him.
> > In 1944 the Adept the Maha Chohan, the chief of El
> Morya and 
> Kuthumi, contacted "I AM" member Geraldine
> Innocente.(20) In April 
> 1952 she founded anonymously the Bridge to Freedom
> to spread some 
> teachings by "Thomas Printz," pseudonym for El
> Morya.(21) 
> > Mark Prophet, who was associated with the Bridge
> to Freedom, was 
> contacted by El Morya in the early 1950s. The Adepts
> directed him to 
> found The Summit Lighthouse, which he did on August
> 8, 1958. This 
> organization, now also known as Church Universal and
> Triumphant, has 
> been a very successful organization in spreading the
> revelations for 
> the New Age of Aquarius.(22) Its current head is
> Elizabeth Clare 
> Prophet, who was contacted in the spring of 1961 by
> El Morya to join 
> The Summit Lighthouse in order to be trained as a
> messenger.(23) She 
> became its head in 1973 after the passing of Mark
> Prophet to whom she 
> was married.(24) Among her students she is also
> known as Guru Ma or 
> just Mother. In 1997 the organization lost its
> protection from El 
> Morya (24a) and unfortunately, in late 1998, Prophet
> was diagnosed 
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