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Re: Theos-World - Fools rush in

Feb 18, 2008 09:47 PM
by Cass Silva

Dear Nigel,
  I did a quick scan of Gerald's site and found some interesting information.  I have had personal 'forum' discussions with Gerald and found him to be a man of integrity and honesty.  I personally have a blockage when it comes to the Masters contacting these groups such as the Temple of the Presence.  The language used in their recent correspondence doesn't have the same ring of authority to it as written in The Mahatma Letters.
  I don't think the references came through with the article, but I found these to be more valuable in terms of comparing HPB and Krishnamurti.  I can see now where Morten was coming from, although the Messiah Project was not so much the issue, as the issue of a non-self, thereby hampering the evolution of many who take on board this teaching.
  What are your ideas on the Masters continual communication through various emissaries over the past 100 years.  Also found out that the difference between an Ascended Master and a Master is in the use of which vehicle is used!  According to the Temple site, Morya and KH have taken another initiation and are now ascended masters.  My intuition tells me that the Masters have been silent for over 100 years, probably knowing from past experience that 'fools rush in - where wise men fear to tread"

          Dear Cass

Good grief! We have so much work to do, even if only exposing 
ordinary and verifiable truths and lies.

Kind regards

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> I have just read an article which sheds new light on the 
Krishnamurt-Theosophical debate. This is from the Alpheas Web Site - 
Gerald Schueller
> Cass
> The Masters and Their Emissaries:
> From H.P.B. to Guru Ma and Beyond By Govert Schuller 
Stand beneath the waterfall and receive unreservedly the flow of the 
hierarchy of Aquarius that comes through our embodied messengers. 
When the waterfall ceases to flow, move on, for hierarchy will not be 
stopped. We will open another stream and prepare a channel for the 
crystal-clear waters of life
> --Kuthumi
> On September 7, 1875, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Henry Steel 
Olcott founded the Theosophical Society. They were directed to do so 
by two eastern Adepts or Masters, Morya and Koot Hoomi.(1) Besides 
its three official objects (1a), the mission of the Theosophical 
Society was to prepare the world for the coming of a great spiritual 
teacher, expected in the last quarter of the 20th century.(2) 
> Annie Besant, Blavatsky's successor as leader of the Theosophical 
Society, and Charles Webster Leadbeater, mediator between the Adepts 
and the Theosophical Society, were directed to implement this project 
fifty years in advance.(3) The young Jiddu Krishnamurti was chosen 
and trained to be the vehicle through whom the World Teacher Lord 
Maitreya would reveal himself.(4) The Order of the Star in the East 
was the worldwide organization to draw together all those who 
expected the coming of this great teacher. Krishnamurti became its 
Head. Not all Theosophists were in agreement with these developments.
(5) Until about 1927 all went relatively well(6) and starting on 
December 28, 1925 Krishnamurti was overshadowed a few times by Lord 
Maitreya.(7) Krishnamurti and other Theosophists declared the project 
successful,(8) others were of the opposite opinion.(9) From about 
1927 on Krishnamurti decided to go his own way and irrevocably 
dissociated himself from the project by
> dissolving the Order of the Star on August 3, 1929. 
> Through Theosophists Cyril Scott and David Anrias, the Adepts 
communicated their evaluation of the project and declared it an 
almost complete failure.(10) Krishnamurti caused so much confusion 
in the ranks of the Theosophists, that the Theosophical Society was 
disqualified as the spearhead of the work of the Adepts. 
Nevertheless, some Theosophists, such as C. Jinarajadasa and Geoffrey 
Hodson, were still in contact with the Adepts(11), and They kept a 
continuing interest in the affairs of the Theosophical Society.(12) 
Furthermore the Adepts worked also with Alice Bailey, which was not 
successful (13), and with Nicholas and Helena Roerich, which was.(14)
> Three months after Krishnamurti had dissolved the Order of the 
Star, the crash on the New York Stock Exchange happened. This event 
was the starting point of an unprecedented disastrous sixteen-year-
cycle of economic depression, militarism, fascism and war, 
culminating in the Holocaust and the use of the atomic bomb. This 
was no coincidence. One of its main causes was the earlier mentioned 
confusion amongst many advanced souls. They were not able anymore 
to keep the forces of darkness at bay.(15) 
> In the summer of 1930, the Adept Saint Germain approached Guy 
Ballard, an American mining engineer with an interest in the occult, 
with the request to become messenger for the Adepts. Ballard wrote 
Unveiled Mysteries under the name Godfre Ray King and founded the "I 
AM" Movement.(16) Through Ballard the Adepts gave the revelations 
deemed necessary for the Age of Aquarius, which originally were 
intended to be given through Krishnamurti.(17) These revelations 
included original teachings about mantra yoga, the divine self or the 
I AM Presence, and the initiation of the ascension.(18) In the 
1930s the "I AM" Movement was very successful.(19) Because of Guy 
Ballard's passing in 1939, a string of lawsuits and bad publicity, 
the movement experienced a setback. Guy Ballard's wife, Edna Ballard, 
succeeded him.
> In 1944 the Adept the Maha Chohan, the chief of El Morya and 
Kuthumi, contacted "I AM" member Geraldine Innocente.(20) In April 
1952 she founded anonymously the Bridge to Freedom to spread some 
teachings by "Thomas Printz," pseudonym for El Morya.(21) 
> Mark Prophet, who was associated with the Bridge to Freedom, was 
contacted by El Morya in the early 1950s. The Adepts directed him to 
found The Summit Lighthouse, which he did on August 8, 1958. This 
organization, now also known as Church Universal and Triumphant, has 
been a very successful organization in spreading the revelations for 
the New Age of Aquarius.(22) Its current head is Elizabeth Clare 
Prophet, who was contacted in the spring of 1961 by El Morya to join 
The Summit Lighthouse in order to be trained as a messenger.(23) She 
became its head in 1973 after the passing of Mark Prophet to whom she 
was married.(24) Among her students she is also known as Guru Ma or 
just Mother. In 1997 the organization lost its protection from El 
Morya (24a) and unfortunately, in late 1998, Prophet was diagnosed 
with Alzheimer's disease and soon after stopped transmitting messages 
from the Masters.
> Recent offshoots of Church Universal and Triumphant are The 
Temple of The Presence founded by Carolyn and Monroe Shearer; Shangra-
la by Kim Michaels; New Wisdom University by Marsha Covington; and 
The Hearts Center by David Lewis. All were members of Prophet's 
organization and claim to be contacted by the Masters to inaugurate 
new Ascended Master organizations. (25) 
> The revelations given through the Ballards and the Prophets on 
one side, and the philosophy of Krishnamurti (and others) on the 
other side might both lead to either the beginning of a 
transformation of already existing civilizations like the Judeo-
Christian and the Indic, both of which might be stimulated to new 
levels of intellectual and spiritual development, or--and this 
probably being the case with Krishnamurti's teachings--to the birth 
of a completely new, though deeply flawed, religion and civilization.
(26) 1. El Morya wrote in 1882: "So casting about 
we found in America the man [H.S. Olcott] to stand as leader... . 
With him we associated a woman [H.P. Blavatsky] of most exceptional 
and wonderful endowments... . We sent her to America, brought them 
together--and the trial began." Letter No.44, Morya to A.P. Sinnett, 
February 1882, in A.T. Barker, compiler, The Mahatma Letters to A.P. 
Sinnett (Adyar, India: Theosophical Publishing House, 1972), p.
> 259. And in 1975: "In 1876, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was 
ordered by the Master Kuthumi and me, then known as the Masters K.H. 
and M., to write Isis Unveiled. Later she was given the 
responsibility of imparting The Secret Doctrine to the world."El 
Morya, The Chela and the Path (Corwin Springs MT: Summit University 
Press, 1975), p. 122. [Quotes in notes 1, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 23 and 
24 were reprinted with permission from the publisher. Copyright © 
1975, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1994, Summit University Press, P.O. Box 5000, 
Corwin Springs, Montana 59030-5000. (406) 848-9500. Web site:]. Both Masters took their fifth initiation, the 
Ascension, at the close of the last century, thereby becoming 
incorporeal Ascended Masters. And as Blavatsky has written--referring 
to other saints, that, when "unburthened of their terrestrial 
tabernacles, their freed souls, henceforth united forever with their 
spirits, rejoin the whole shining host, which is bound together in
> one spiritual solidarity of thought and deed, and called 
the `anointed,' "--the same glad tidings could be told, not only 
about these two illustrious Masters, but also about many other brave 
souls who followed them. [H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled (Pasadena CA: 
Theosophical University Press, 1976 [1877]), II, p. 159].For 
practical purposes the difference between an Unascended Master and an 
Ascended one is not very great. Both can work in the physical as well 
as in the spiritual realm and both have a wide array of occult powers 
at their command to guide Their pupils and help mankind. The 
difference is that an Unascended Master has its base of operations in 
a physical body and an Ascended Master in a spiritual body. To 
dismiss the latter as spooks, because They do not conform to one's 
idea of flesh-and-blood Masters, is to deny oneself the great wisdom 
coming from the 'anointed' or Ascended Masters. [Blavatsky wrote 
about the concept of Nirmanakaya: "As a Nirmanakaya,
> however, the adept leaves behind him only his physical body, and 
retains every other "principle" save the Kamic, for he has crushed 
this out for ever from his nature during life, and it can never 
resurrect in his post-mortem state. Thus, instead of going into 
selfish bliss, he chooses a life of self-sacrifice, an existence 
which ends only with the life-cycle, in order to be enabled to help 
mankind in an invisible, yet most effective, manner." The Key to 
Theosophy (London: Theosophical Publishing Co., 1889), pp. 353-
354] Return to Text 1a. The objects of the Theosophical 
Society are the following: 
> To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity, 
without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color. 
> To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, 
and science. 
> To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the powers 
latent in humanity. 
> Return to text 2. Blavatsky wrote in 
1889: "If the present attempt, in the form of our Society, succeeds 
better than its predecessors have done, then it will be in existence 
as an organized, living and healthy body when the time comes for the 
effort of the XXth century. The general condition of men's minds and 
hearts will have been improved and purified by the spread of its 
teachings, and, as I have said, their prejudices and dogmatic 
illusions will have been, to some extent at least, removed. Not only 
so, but besides a large and accessible literature ready to men's 
hands, the next impulse will find a numerous and united body of 
people ready to welcome the new torch-bearer of Truth. He will find 
the minds of men prepared for his message, a language ready for him 
in which to clothe the new truths he brings, an organization awaiting 
his arrival, which will remove the merely mechanical, material 
obstacles and difficulties from his path. Think how much
> one, to whom such an opportunity is given, could accomplish. 
Measure it by comparison with what the Theosophical Society actually 
has achieved in the last fourteen years, with out any of these 
advantages and surrounded by hosts of hindrances which would not 
hamper the new leader. Consider all this, and then tell me whether I 
am too sanguine when I say that if the Theosophical Society survives 
and lives true to its mission, to its original impulses through the 
next hundred years--tell me, I say, if I go too far in asserting that 
earth will be a heaven in the twenty-first century in comparison with 
what it is now!" H.P. Blavatsky, The Key to Theosophy (London: 
Theosophical Publishing Co., 1889), pp. 306-307. Return to 
Text 3. Annie Besant wrote in 1912: "It may interest members 
to recall the fact that Mme. H.P. Blavatsky, one of the founders of 
the T.S., regarded it as the mission of the T.S. to prepare the world 
for the coming of the next great Teacher, though
> she put that event perhaps half a century later than I do. Which 
of us is right as to date, only time can show. I do not say that she 
was necessarily right in making this its mission, but as she 
proclaimed this view in the supposedly `uncolored' days, under `the 
old régime,' the repetition of the statement by myself does not imply 
any change of policy. She wrote: `The next impulse will find a 
numerous and united body of people ready to welcome the new torch-
bearer of Truth. He will find the minds of men prepared for his 
message, a language ready for him in which to clothe the new truths 
he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival, which will remove 
the merely mechanical, material obstacles and difficulties from his 
path.' That was the view of one of our Founders--really of both--as 
to `the future of the Theosophical Society,' and my crime is that I 
share it, and do what my poor powers permit in preparing the minds of 
men for that coming." Annie Besant, "Freedom of
> Opinion in the T.S.," letter to The Vâhan 21\8 (March 1912), p. 
153. Return to Text 4. "Shortly after meeting Krishna for 
the first time, Leadbeater revealed to [Theosophist Ernest] Wood that 
the boy was to be the vehicle for the Lord Maitreya `unless something 
went wrong' and that he, Leadbeater, had been directed to help train 
him for that purpose." Mary Lutyens, Krishnamurti: The Years of 
Awakening, (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1975), p. 21. 
Return to Text 5. In particular the German Section of the 
Theosophical Society, led by Rudolf Steiner, expressed its 
intolerance towards members of the Order of the Star, by stating that 
membership of both organizations was mutually exclusive. This policy 
was obviously contrary to the principle of freedom of thought and 
association, a cornerstone of the Theosophical Society. The defiant 
stand taken on this issue by the German Section led eventually to the 
cancellation of their charter. Return to
> Text 6. During the Jubilee Convention of the Theosophical 
Society in 1925 a message originating from an Adept was read to the 
participants. This happened a few days before December 28, when the 
first overshadowing of Krishnamurti by the Lord Maitreya occurred. A 
part of the message reads: "A second half-century of fine promise 
lies before you. We say to you: You have the power to do more in the 
immediate future than any other body of men and women has ever 
achieved before. We say to you: Within this next half century you can 
make Brotherhood a living reality in the world. You can cause the 
warring classes, castes, and nations to cease their quarreling, the 
warring faiths to live once more in brotherhood, respect and 
understanding. Make Theosophy a living force in your lives, and 
through your example those class and caste distinctions, which for so 
long have bred hatred and misery, shall at no distant time come to be 
but distinctions of function in the common
> service of the nation-family and of the World-
Brotherhood... ." "It is the Law that Our Blessed Lord comes among 
you, be His welcome what it may, though even he may not outstay His 
welcome. And only at long intervals, so far, has He been able to 
bestow upon you the priceless benediction of His immediate presence 
in your midst. We have to wait. So be it. Yet, if His welcome lasts, 
perchance grows, He may dwell long with you, and the doors thus be 
flung wide open between Our world and your, and between other worlds 
and yours, that they may become one world, Ourselves restored to Our 
natural place among Our younger comrades, and Devas and mankind be 
once more together in happy comradeship." Anonymous Master, "A 
Message to the Members of the Theosophical Society from an Elder 
Brother," The Theosophist 47\4 (January 1926), supplement, pp. 3 and 
4. And what did Krishnamurti do? Instead of opening, he slammed the 
door in Their face. Return to Text 7. Geoffrey
> Hodson wrote in 1927: "As he [Krishnamurti] speaks, the spirit 
of the Christ descends, as a great collective inspiration, into the 
hearts and minds of all. It draws nearer and nearer in a great ring-
shaped cloud of golden light. It hovers over our heads, descends 
still lower, slowly and gently, like a warm summer rain, till all are 
enwrapped in its beauty, its peace and all-compelling love... . Night 
after night, as he ceases to speak, a miracle occurs. Two thousand 
sevenhundred people remain perfectly still. In that silence the 
splendor of splendors is revealed to the inner eyes. The figure of 
the Lord appears above the head of Krishnaji. The silence deepens. We 
are enfolded in His embrace, filled with tenderness and compassion as 
he draws near." Geoffrey Hodson, Thus Have I Heard (Adyar, India: 
Theosophical Publishing House, 1929), pp. 107-108. Leadbeater wrote 
in 1930: "This is He who should come, and there is no need to look 
elsewhere; as I have said, I know
> that the World-Teacher often speaks through Krishnaji, but I also 
know that there are occasions when He does not." C.W. 
Leadbeater, "Art Thou He That Should Come?" The Theosophist 51\9 
(June 1930), p. 472. Return to Text 8. Krishnamurti wrote 
in 1927: "I know my destiny and my work. I know with certainty and 
knowledge of my own, that I am blending into the consciousness of the 
one Teacher and that He will completely fill me." Letter from 
Krishnamurti to Leadbeater February 9, 1927, quoted in Lutyens, 
Krishnamurti: The Years of Awakening, p. 241. "I never said: I am 
the World Teacher; but now that I feel I am one with my Beloved, I 
say it." Talk by Krishnamurti, August 2, 1927, quoted in Lutyens, p. 
250. Annie Besant declared in 1927: "The Divine Spirit has 
descended once more on a man, Krishnamurti, one who in his life is 
literally perfect, as those who know him can testify... . The World 
Teacher is here. "Annie Besant, "The Way of Sorrows and the Way
> of Happiness: The New Message" The Theosophist 48/7 (April 1927), 
p. 6d. Return to Text 9. "I had a talk with [Theosophist] 
Jinarajadasa, who staggered me by saying that the gathering at Eerde 
[in August 1927] had been a tragedy and a failure and had almost 
wrecked the Plan of the Brotherhood." Lady Emily Lutyens, Candles 
in the Sun (London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1957), p. 163. "C.W.L. 
declared privately when in Adyar in 1927 that `The Coming had gone 
wrong.'" Adrian G. Vreede, "An Attack on Bishop Leadbeater," The 
Liberal Catholic 34\7 (February 1964), p. 150. Return to 
Text 10. "[His mission was] a success while still 
overshadowed by the world-Teacher,.. a failure afterwards." An 
English Master, "Sir Thomas" in His Pupil [Cyril Scott], The Initiate 
in the Dark Cycle (London: Routledge, 1932), p. 141. "It became all 
but impossible for him to be used any longer as my medium. "Lord 
Maitreya in David Anrias [Brian Ross], Through the Eyes of the
> Masters: Meditations and Portraits (London: Routledge, 1932), p. 
66. For a metaphysical critique of Krishnamurti's teachings see 
Krishnamurti: An Esoteric View of his Teachings. Return to 
Text 11. "State how... you received the information from 
Brother Jinarajadasa--Our Agent at that time--affirming that he had 
passed the Initiation during the night that preceded your experience 
on waking, at Mt Maunganui." Message from Master Polidorus 
Isurenus, June 30, 1975, to Geoffrey Hodson in Sandra Hodson (Comp.), 
Light of the Sanctuary: The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson (Manila, 
Philippines: The Theosophical Publisher, 1988), p. 265. Return to 
Text 12. "The Master M. [El Morya] and K.H. [Kuthumi] 
together with the Maha Sahib [the Maha Chohan] will renew the hundred-
year cycle of their service through the chelas at Adyar [the 
international headquarters of the Theosophical Society]." Goddess 
of Liberty, "The Mutable Soul is Entrusted with the
> Immutable Spirit," Pearls of Wisdom 23/12 (March 23, 1980), p. 
66. But the backing does not come without critical 
evaluation: "Look at those who have had the dispensation of the 
Ascended Masters in the Theosophical Society, the Rosicrucian Order, 
the Agni Yoga Society, the I AM movement and other forward movements 
that have begun to unveil the presence and teachings of great adepts 
in the earth. Look at the members of these organizations, beloved. 
Some have almost become intellectual snobs, for they do not use the 
teachings to challenge the forces of Darkness in the earth but only 
to elevate themselves as the wise ones, for they have such and such 
teaching that other earthlings do not have. This was never the 
Brotherhood's intent in the founding of esoteric organizations." 
Mighty Victory, "Becoming more of God Day by Day," Pearls of Wisdom 
37/32 (August 7, 1994), pp. 376-377. Return to Text 13. 
Kuthumi wrote in 1975: "In the past we have had to withdraw
> our support from those who were given the opportunity to represent 
us. The one who for a time had the opportunity of representing the 
master Djwal Kul soon lost that authority through intellectual pride 
and the brittleness of the lower mental body, which can never be the 
channel of the mind of God. Thus I expose to you the false teachings 
subtly woven into the work of Alice Bailey, whose failure to 
surrender totally rendered her unfit as an instrument of the Tibetan 
Master." Kuthumi, "An Exposé of False Teachings" Pearls of Wisdom 
19/5 (February 1, 1976), p. 28. (Relevant Paragraphs) Return to 
Text 14. "The Roerichs set forth the word of Morya destined 
to reach both the Russian and the American people with the energy and 
the enlightenment that should deter the red dragon of World 
Communism." El Morya, The Chela and the Path, p. 122. (Relevant 
Paragraphs) Return to Text 15. Thus the stage was left 
for all kinds of black magicians and their ilk to
> play out their nefarious plots. Chief amongst them were the German 
Nazis, whose involvement in the occult and borrowing from Theosophy 
has been well documented. See for example Nicholas Goodrick Clarke, 
The Occult Roots of Nazism (New York: New York University Press, 
1985); Dusty Sklar, The Nazis and the Occult (New York: Dorset Press, 
1977); and the more speculative, but from an esoteric point of view 
more interesting, The Spear of Destiny (New York: Putnam, 1973) by 
Trevor Ravenscroft. The contrast between the expectations for 
humankind as presented in endnotes 2 and 6, and what actually 
happened indicates that we have to face up to a tragedy of immense 
proportions. Return to Text 16. For a basic overview of 
the history and teachings of the "I AM" Movement see Charles S. 
Braden, These Also Believe: A Study of Modern American Cults and 
Minority Religious Movements (New York: Macmillan, 1949), pp. 257-
307. Return to Text 17. This is the pivotal
> statement connecting on one side the story of the Adepts' 
involvement with the Theosophical Society and Krishnamurti from 1875 
till 1929, and on the other side the story of Their involvement with 
the Ballards, Innocente and the Prophets from 1930 till the present. 
The rationale of the Masters' changing allegiance to their embodied 
representatives is as follows: "The Ascended Masters are the 
authority of the true teacher and the true messenger. We release the 
energy, the light, the teaching, the initiations, and the discipline 
to and through our representatives. If at any time the teacher or the 
messenger who has surrendered his human will to the divine will 
should elect to take back that human will, our dispensation will 
terminate. The light...would be withdrawn and the trained disciple 
would receive the certain sign of hierarchy that the instrument had 
become a dry reed, hollow and without the authentic vibration and 
backing of the entire Spirit of the Great White
> Brotherhood... . Stand beneath the waterfall and receive 
unreservedly the flow of the hierarchy of Aquarius that comes through 
our embodied messengers. When the waterfall ceases to flow, move on, 
for hierarchy will not be stopped. We will open another stream and 
prepare a channel for the crystal-clear waters of life." 
Kuthumi, "An Exposé of False Teachings," Pearls of Wisdom 19/5 
(February 1, 1976), p. 29. (Relevant Paragraphs) Return to 
Text 18. "In the 1930s came the twin flames Guy W. Ballard 
and Edna Ballard imparting the sacred mystery of the law of the I AM, 
further knowledge of hierarchy, the invocation of the sacred fire, 
and the path of the ascension." El Morya, The Chela and the Path, 
p. 122. (Relevant Paragraphs) Return to Text 19. "At its 
apex in the late thirties, it must have represented the greatest 
popular diffusion Theosophical concepts ever attained... . One cannot 
but admire the effectiveness with which Ballard presented in a
> truly popular and American manner the basic teaching and sense of 
wonder which underlies Theosophy." Robert S. Ellwood, Jr., 
Religious and Spiritual Groups in Modern America (Englewood Cliffs: 
Prentice Hall, 1973), p. 121. Return to Text 20. J. 
Gordon Melton, "The Church Universal and Triumphant: Its Heritage and 
Thoughtworld," in Church Universal and Triumphant In Scholarly 
Perspective, edited by. J.R. Lewis and J. Gordon Melton (Stanford: 
Center for Academic Publication, 1994), pp. 13-14. Return to 
Text 21. El Morya wrote in 1954: "The condition of the 
consciousness of seekers after Truth warranted the opportunity to 
find peace in the comradeship of the Masters, without homage to 
personality. It was my thought to give such opportunity, letting the 
balm of the Presence, the joy of the Masters' friendship and the 
freedom of conscience which such an Open Door would allow, to flow 
freely to all life, without requiring allegiance to any human form."
> Thomas Printz (El Morya), The First Ray (Mount Shasta, CA: 
Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, 1986: originally published by 
the Bridge to Freedom in 1954), p.31. Return to Text 22. 
In an academic study, conducted by a group of religious scholars, 
some notable conclusions regarding Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Church 
Universal and Triumphant were presented. In the introduction one can 
read that "many of the contributions to the present volume are shaped 
by, or at least address, the various accusations that have been 
leveled against Church Universal and Triumphant over the years. Some 
of us, and perhaps most of us who participated in the study, brought 
certain negative stereotypes along with us on our first trip to 
Montana [where the Church has its headquarters]. Yet, once there, our 
preconceptions quickly evaporated in the encounter with a group of 
generally very likable, intelligent, flesh-and-blood human 
beings. ... Beyond simple positive intentions, I
> think they have managed to establish one of the most intrinsically 
interesting religious communities to come into being in this century. 
The range and complexity of their worldview, just to mention one 
facet of the Church, deserves a half-dozen studies of the length we 
have undertaken in the present volume." J.R. Lewis, "Introduction," 
in Church Universal and Triumphant In Scholarly Perspective, pp. xii-
xiii. Return to Text 23. Elizabeth Clare Prophet said in 
1979: "Within a matter of a few weeks [after having met Mark 
Prophet], I was crossing a park to Boston University to one of my 
courses. And there crossed my path a being of Light that I had never 
heard of or seen before. But the moment I saw him, I knew him. It was 
the Ascended Master El Morya... . Morya said to me `I have need of a 
female messenger. Go to Washington and I will train you through Mark 
Prophet. If you pass your initiations, Saint Germain will come and 
anoint you as messenger for the
> Ascended Masters.'" Elizabeth Clare Prophet, "I'm Stumping for 
the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness," Audio-tape no. A7945, 
(Corwin Springs MT: The Summit Lighthouse, 1979). Return to 
Text 24. The History of the Summit Lighthouse (Livingston MT: 
Church Universal and Triumphant, 1994), p. 4. Return to Text 
24a. El Morya said: "I, El Morya Khan, Chief of the Darjeeling 
Council, hereby announce the removal of the thread that originates 
from my mantle to the heart of the messenger to your hearts for the 
holding of the balance of your lifestreams. The dispensation of this 
thread, which is a thread of protection, was made possible because of 
the codes of conduct established and sponsored by me in the past. 
Your merit for intercession will now be based upon your own decree 
momentum, your devotion to your God Presence and your service to 
mankind. May you pass every test!" Read by Elizabeth Clare Prophet 
at a staff meeting on May 13, 1997.
> [Last sentence added in 2001] Return to text 25. For 
some more background information about these post-Prophet 
organizations see "Beyond Guru Ma." [This paragraph was added in 2001 
and revised in 2005] Return to Text 26. For a 
philosophical-historical discussion of the relationship between 
religion and civilization, see Arnold J. Toynbee, Universal Churches, 
vol. 7B, A Study of History (London: Oxford University Press, 1954), 
pp. 381-544. Return to Text or HOME
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> > Isn't it a bit hypocritical that some theosophists feel that JK 
> > theosophy, when it was categorically stated in the SD and the 
> > Letters that organized religion is the root of all evil? Once you 
bring in a
> > Messiah you are talking about an organized religion.
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> > MKR <mkr777@... <>> wrote:
> > It is the day when Col Olcott died long time ago. It is a 
coincidence that
> > K
> > also died on that day. There is a lot of people who still feel 
that K
> > abandoned the TS and ungrateful and would be opposed to name 
> > connected with
> > K. I was aware of an instance when those in charge of purse 
> > diplomatically
> > refused to fund the travel expenses of a first rate
> > lecturer who came to a group of branches to speak about K's
> > philosophy. Some times you need to look at the actions to read the
> > motivation of people.
> >
> > mkr
> >
> > On 2/17/08, Cass Silva <silva_cass@... <>>
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > Thanks MKR, no wonder he has been on our minds. Just wondering 
why TS
> > > Adyar would choose K's death date for their annual celebration?
> > > Cass
> > >
> > > MKR <mkr777@... <> <>> 
> > > Today, February 17 is known as Adyar Day in many parts of the 
world. It
> > is
> > > also the day when Krishnamurti passed away. Let us remember all 
> > > theosophists past and present who have sacrificed for the cause.
> > >
> > > mkr
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