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Re: Theos-World Young Indiana Jones and Theosophy

Feb 18, 2008 10:33 AM
by MKR

Here is an interesting feedback on the DVDs.


Welcome to! A Resource Site for all things related to George
Lucas and his films.


But more importantly, these sets have less-than-stellar video quality and
worst of all are EDITED! Complete scenes have been cut out, and episodes
have been pasted together (not so seamlessly, I should add) to make them
While the three sets have plenty of special features, all are historical
documentaries and NONE focus on the series itself. That's great as an
educational tool, but is it what fans wanted? So again, DON'T bother with
these sets. They're overpriced and edited. Wait until the day that George
Lucas and Lucasfilm show some respect for their fans and release *The Young
Indiana Jones Chronicles* as it originally aired, and with proper
restoration. Thankfully we'll have a better Indy fix this Summer with the
fourth film.

On 2/17/08, <> wrote:
>   For those who may be interested in an aspect of theosophy as
> entertainment, LucasFilm, Paramount and CBS have finally released "The
> Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Volume One" (12 DVDs). Disc 7 features
> "Journey of Radiance" with the young Indiana, Krishnamurti, Besant and
> Leadbeater.
> For details of this episode, see the official site:
> Special features include biographical material on Krishnamurti and Besant.
> Dr Gregory Tillett

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