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Re: Theos-World Adyar Day - 2/17

Feb 17, 2008 07:49 PM
by MKR

It is the day when Col Olcott died long time ago. It is a coincidence that K
also died on that day. There is a lot of people who still feel that K
abandoned the TS and ungrateful and would be opposed to name anything
connected with
K. I was aware of an instance when those in charge of purse strings
refused to fund the travel expenses of a first rate
lecturer who came to a  group of branches to speak about K's
philosophy. Some times you need to look at the actions to read the
motivation of people.


On 2/17/08, Cass Silva <> wrote:
> Thanks MKR, no wonder he has been on our minds. Just wondering why TS
> Adyar would choose K's death date for their annual celebration?
> Cass
> MKR < <>> wrote:
> Today, February 17 is known as Adyar Day in many parts of the world. It is
> also the day when Krishnamurti passed away. Let us remember all the
> theosophists past and present who have sacrificed for the cause.
> mkr
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