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LCC's place in Christian Movement

Feb 17, 2008 07:03 PM
by plcoles1

Hello All,
I just thought I'd like to add a few comments that perhaps try and 
look at the Liberal Catholic Church as a part of the Christian 
movement rather than the theosophical movement.
I have come to rethink over this issue and perhaps the below points 
are worth considering.

Christianity is a vastly diverse tradition.

In my opinion the LCC fills a much needed niece today and probably 
more so when the LCC came into being, as with all groups they have 
their own problems and internal issues that need to be worked 
through over time; it does however also offer people who feel a 
leaning towards mystical Christianity a place to explore it, in a by 
on large non dogmatic fashion.

While following a fairly set ritual practice it does not demand 
anybody to believe anything and permits any body to partake of Holy 
Communion at its altars.

It teaches Christianity as one path but not the only one, it 
certainly does not teach that a person who is not a Christian will 
not find "Salvation" but rather teaches that the Sacraments are 
tools that can help rather than being essentials and that there are 
many roads up the mountainside.

CWL and Wedgwood took out all reference to hell fire and damnation 
in the liturgy.

If we get too focused in picking things to pieces sometimes we can 
miss the positive aspects that there may be to find in something.

The LCC is one of the few mystical churches in the world today 
surely this has a place and if people find this kind of mystical 
practice helpful who are we to sit in judgement, every person is on 
their own spiritual journey and each person who participates in any 
kind of ritual / spiritual practice has their own motives and way of 



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