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Who wants to live forever?

Feb 17, 2008 11:37 AM
by Martin

As I predicted long ago, we will see the pill to eternal life being 
invented during our lifetime.
But just before that the machines will be tried to assimilate with us 
and ''improve'' our lives.

Nanobots to cure disease and improve intelligence:

The people who decided to live forever were discussed by KH in the ML, 
they indeed live throughout the whole Manvantara being adversaries to 
normal humans. There is a need for sorcerers though on this plane of 
existance: how could we ever learn how to choose between right or 
wrong, when these wizzards weren't around?
I'd say a Dugpa is a challenge to beat for one to overcome and then to 
live with the Great White Brotherhood.
Whether they know it or don't know it, in a sense they are of help to 
human nature and for that ONLY I could pay respect.

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