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Re: Fw: Theos-World Distortions and diversions?

Feb 17, 2008 03:17 AM
by Martin

Agreed Morten, its good to get a light on these
important issues.
Why for example you think Tibet was invaded by the
Karmically I could think of the solitude approach by
the Masters not to move around the ordinairy humans on
the world, while especially these days the only way to
approach these poor humans is through a personal way.
Television and its various personal/psychological
impact is proof of this.
The great WB wants us all to become Lightworkers? The
only way to find them is to descent among ordinairy
people. They want brotherhood? They have to forge warm
ties between ordinairy people. In all other cases they
have to wait the long Wait for the few every now and
then to be of real value to the White Brotherhood.

--- Morten Nymann Olesen
<> wrote:

> To all readers
> My views are:
> Cass wrote:
> "K's pathless path is through inner awareness
> leading to self expansion. It is the solitary path
> but the end result is the same.
> Unless I have misunderstood the teachings."
> I have tried several times to explain, that they,
> (the J. Krishnamurti's), cannot avoid walking the
> path or pathless path on this planet and its five
> lower levels. Those who through meditative isolation
> seek to "break in" so to speak their version of an
> "unthinkable god" (just like a Jesuit "break in"
> their version of a "jesus")  will be able to reach a
> state of a certain kind of Nirvana and gain much
> knowledge. But is is a selfish Nirvana. They become
> perfect Pratyeka Buddhists. There are several
> variations of this state of being. But it is not a
> real Nirvana, because they have through isolation
> NOT learned the difference between good and evil on
> one or more of the five or seven lower levels. This
> is important.
> It is the knowledge we have which tells us, that
> that you simply can NOT skip various levels of
> development or learning, which make me say, that you
> are in error in your views, and many others as well.
> This is vital to understand. (Am I really the only
> one you have this view? There a several Buddhistic
> texts referring to this view. Others say something
> else, but are wrong.) 
> We are here to learn to be Masters. J. Krishnamurti
> almost said, that we do not need to walk the path
> like this. Honest Chelaship was it seems a dead
> planet to him. And that is where I disagree with
> him. HPB also tells about these issues in the
> Collected Writings where she at a certain place
> refers to Buddhistic texts. The Law of Karma make it
> a necessity for you to walk all levels in life and
> learn the difference between good and evil.
> (Although there as always might be a very few
> exceptions due to certain Karmic issues often of a
> more cosmological kind.)
> The Doctrine J. Krishnamurti sort of failed to
> promote in a precise manner was as far as I am
> concerned:
> The Seekers After Truth live in the World, but are
> not of the World. Either a physical world or various
> non-physical worlds. Their path or pathless path is
> a path in solitude as well as the quite opposite.
> And they and we cannot escape either of them on the
> path or pathless path.
> But, quite important. Of course, all seekers have to
> from time to time meditate in isolation so to speak.
> Often at the beginning stages people meditate in
> solitude, sort of like J. Krihsnamurti recommends.
> Later they help the world while they meditate on the
> "unthinkable" at the same time. But, saying that
> meditation in isolation is the only real thing, is a
> false teaching. People learn and do even today
> meditate during the day while they at the same time
> live their daily lifes, although a part of their
> conscioousness of course is occupied with the daily
> activities, the other part meditates. Something,
> which of course are draining their efforts of
> meditation a bit.
> And as far as I remember HPB mentioned, that there
> even exist something as bad Dhyan Chohans. Even
> though "bad" on that level is not the same as on the
> astral-mental level.
> So I guess we are in for the ride, where we need to
> understand the difference between good and evil.
> Well, these were my views.
> M. Sufilight
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Cass Silva 
>   To: 
>   Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2008 6:35 AM
>   Subject: Re: Fw: Theos-World Distortions and
> diversions?
>   Who said anything about unbrotherly Morten? The
> Great White Brotherhood will continue to function
> for humanity whether humanity is aware of it or not,
> and I would say that in 99.99percent humanity is not
> aware. As far as I knew the White Lodge works with
> and through the Lords of Karma and their
> emissiaries, to the point where they cannot
> interfere even with the Shadow brothers. 
>   Their are many paths Morten, the path of the
> mystic is entirely different to the gnani path, but
> one doesn't surpass the other, the goal is the same.
> K's pathless path is through inner awareness leading
> to self expansion. It is the solitary path but the
> end result is the same.
>   Unless I have misunderstood the teachings.
>   Cass
>   Morten Nymann Olesen
> <> wrote:
>   To all readers
>   My views are:
>   So now we have a Theosophist(?) calling the FGreat
> White Lodge unbrotherly?
>   What is next?
>   The Great Withe Lodge is subject to the Law of
> Karma like all in the universe.
>   Saying that the Great Withe Lodge is unbrotherly
> will not make you more wise than its members are.
>   I will recommend, that you think about this.
>   The Great Withe Lodge is no ordinary group or
> organisation working together. They are on a level
>   of consciousness far beyond ordinary human
> comprehension. They are organised through real
> Altruism. 
>   And Altruism is so often misunderstood by beginner
> theosophists as being emotional arousements.
>   Saying that those who are superior to you in
> compassion are not compassionate will not make their
> compassion go away. (Of course some of you might be
> way beyond the level of the Dyhan Chohan's, but I
> will have to confirm the truth about this first.)
>   The Great Withe Lodge is of course not without
> faults.
>   But saying, if you do that, - that you can walk in
> the PathlessLand of J. Krishnamurti without running
> into the members of the Great White Lodge is the
> same as endorsing the Pratyeka Buddhist pathless
> path. And H. P. Blavatsky never agreed upon
> following this path, because it is not a real
> spiritual path. That is also my own view. Sooner or
> later one will have to learn the lesson of working
> together with other people. The Law of Karma is a
> real issue.
>   The Pratyeka Buddhist's do not understand the
> difference between good and evil, on various levels
> of consciousness, and they have a tendency to work
> like the uncompassionate Dugpa's.
>   Being truely compassionate is a huge lesson in
> life.
>   But, these are just my views.
>   M. Sufilight
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Martin 
>   To: 
>   Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2008 9:47 PM
>   Subject: Re: Fw: Theos-World Distortions and
> diversions?
>   It has value no for people who are to be tested by
>   their dugpa's, only after they went through the
>   testing they have value. So before you even get a
>   glimpse of what the White Brotherhood is about,
> you
>   are already being tested. They only support their
> own
>   kind, which sounds not very brotherhoodlylike
> btw...
>   --- Morten Nymann Olesen
>   <> wrote:
>   > 
>   > So the Great White Lodge has no value?
>   > 
>   > 
>   > 
>   > M. Sufilight
>   > 
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