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Re: Theos-World Consciousness fields can now be measured scientifically

Feb 17, 2008 03:08 AM
by Cass Silva

I have heard that the mind, as you say, intuits an event, prior to it occuring, and has been proven in laboratories with pleasure and pain stimuli.  Theosophically this could indicate and confirm that thoughts are things in the real world and that the particularly strong mental thoughts of one person are transferred into the cosmic mind consciousness which is able to be accessed through our mental and/or emotional bodies.
  Cass wrote:
          It is an interesting phenomenon, but useless for predicting specifics.  It lets us know that something interesting is about to occur but gives us no idea as to what.

Hopefully it will lead to a future development whereby we can actively control the consciousness of the bulk of humanity and thus we can eliminate the need for robotics as we will have biounits that we can program in the same way.

Things are gonna be fun!

Chuck the Heretic

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Subject: Theos-World Consciousness fields can now be measured scientifically

Any views here?
Apparantly I understand abuse is around the corner, the further we 
dive into Kali Yuga...

In the laboratory of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) 
at Princeton University/USA, research on the topic "mind-machine-
interaction" has been ongoing since the late 1970s. As far back as 
the late 80s, extensive studies proved that diodes with white noise 
might be used as an interface between man and machine. Since 1998, 
worldwide about 50 such diodes with white noise have been measuring 
not only the consciousness of individuals but also the global 
consciousness of mankind within a study called "Global Consciousness 
Project". The results have been published and indicate synchronized 
reaction of all diodes to incidents of worldwide interest such as the 
war in Iraq, Lady Diana's funeral or the terrorist attacks of 
September 11th 2001 on the World Trade Centre in New York.

Automatic mind reading . . .

Hardly noticed by the public, research at the US-American Princeton 
University has shown that machines and computers that have a diode 
with white noise interface react with the thoughts and consciousness 
of the people who are connected to them.

The connection between mind and machine or computer is wireless and 
is based on the person mentally concentrating on the communication 
with the machine. The best-known experiment of this kind was carried 
out at Princeton University with 200 students (not known to have 
special PSI-abilities) who were asked to think "+" or "-" during a 

The evaluation of all test data demonstrated that the computer could 
register through the diode with the white noise what the operands had 
been thinking during the test runs. The computer could also visualise 
it properly.

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP)

Roger Nelson, who was working at PEAR Laboratory until 2002 had the 
following idea: Rather than scanning separate states of 
consciousness, he wanted to check whether there is a global 
consciousness and whether it is measurable.

Since 1998, about 50 diodes with white noise have been distributed 
worldwide. One can envisage them as a radio, which is tuned between 
two stations to an irregular noise. The raw data of this noise is 
transmitted daily from each computer, which is connected to one of 
these 50 diodes, to a host system at Princeton University via the 
Internet. The data is evaluated and tested for statistically 
significant abnormalities especially in the case of emotionally 
moving incidents, which are broadcasted worldwide via media and press.

The results are unambiguous:

Before the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre the deflection 
(illustration 3, red line), fluctuates as expected around the black 
line, the incidence itself causes a far higher deflection than can be 
co-incidental, which is documented synchronically by all 50 diodes 

Morphic fields

Are we really experiencing a morphic phenomenon? Is the fact that the 
global consciousness reacts synchronically worldwide to an incident 
broadcasted live in all media not only proof that all of us react to 
such an incidence in the same way? The morphic fields postulated by 
Sheldrake assume that each and every person is connected with the 
morphic field of mankind. This field should then also react 
synchronically worldwide without an incident being consciously 
noticed concurrently.

The fact that the global consciousness had been alert at 4 am (see 
illustration 3), that is five hours before the first airplane crashed 
(8:45) and six and a half hours before the second airplane crashed 
(10:30), proves that the global consciousness also works without 
worldwide media and TV broadcastings. Since neither the authorities 
nor the media knew about this terrorist attack until 8:45 am, the 
global consciousness reacted from the moment the airplane highjacker 
had started to realise their plan! This is initial evidence for the 
existence of morphic fields, which obviously connect mankind even if 
the perception of an incident is via extrasensory perception.

A lot of incidents around the globe were tested within the Global 
Consciousness Project (GCP) on statistically significant 
abnormalities of the 50 diodes. All evaluation results may be viewed 
under [link to] 

(Please do not submit questions to Princeton University, but contact 
the director of GCP, Roger Nelson, on rdnelson@Princeton.EDU)

Also positive incidents influence the global consciousness

Contrary to what one might think when reading newspaper cover 
stories, the global consciousness reacts equally strong to positive 
and negative incidents.

During the four years evaluated within the Global Consciousness 
Project, worldwide holidays cause very high deflections of the diode. 
Terrorist attacks and wars come second.

The war in Iraq is mirrored in the results, too.

Natural disasters that are obviously considered "normal" even if they 
initiate large catastrophes cause lower reactions.

The lowest deflections are measured during sports events and 
political occasions such as elections!

The Individual Consciousness Project (ICP)

Based on research at the "Campus study centre for applied 
naturopathic treatment" in Munich, the individual fields of 
consciousness were analysed at the same time as the global 
consciousness was researched in the USA. Just like at Princeton, the 
diode with white noise was installed. The difference between the two 
consciousness projects is that the American project has set 50 diodes 
worldwide which "keep hissing". The Global Consciousness Project 
analyses the noise in itself and its statistically significant 
changes are then compared chronologically with incidents of worldwide 

However, the Individual Consciousness Project (ICP) scans an 
individual field of consciousness through a diode with white noise 
and connects the noise of the diode with databases, which ideally 
contain all supposable states of being of the analysed consciousness. 
That way, the current state of the field of consciousness can be 
described through the right entry in the database and indexed 
properly by the computer.

The experimental set-up at Princeton University (PEAR-Laboratory), as 
described at the beginning of the article, included the diode with 
the white noise that was similarly connected to the evaluation 
database and also scanned individual consciousness. The "Campus study 
centre for applied naturopathic treatment" in Munich then took up 
this approach. However, databases with not only two entries ("+" 
and "-") were linked but those with plenty of entries. Whilst the 
American students in the PEAR-Laboratory at Princeton were asked to 
think "+" or "-", the Individual Consciousness Project (ICP) scans 
without active instruction.

"It" (the consciousness) is always thinking (unconsciously)!

The result is then the entry from a database, which matches the 
information of the scanned field of consciousness similar to the 
consciousness in the USA thinking a "+" confirmed by the computer 
displaying a "+".

Databases of this kind may contain information about doctrines, 
affirmations, acupuncture points, homeopathic remedies, exposures 
etc., the diode displays the database entry matching the scanned 
field without human interaction. Databases containing all probable 
states of being of the analysed consciousness as described above, are 
the precondition so that the current state of the field of 
consciousness can be displayed accurately by the computer with the 
right entry in the database.

The diode with white noise is the key technology for scanning 

So-called pseudo- random generators that work without diodes with 
white noise deserve a certain recognition in this area, but all of 
the latest university research projects (Global und Individual 
Consciousness Projects) rely on the approved technology, despite 
higher costs.

Also animals have a field of consciousness

Diodes with white noise interact with any form of consciousness. 
Since animals also have a(n) (un)consciousness, their fields of 
thought can also be determined.

A good example is an experiment that Rupert Sheldrake reports on in 
his book "The seventh sense of animals" on page 322:

In this experiment, hatching fledglings were conditioned to a robot 
that was controlled by a diode with white noise. It is very easy to 
condition hatching fledglings to a robot they consider to be their 
mother like Konrad Lorenz demonstrated in his famous experiment with 
grey goose: The fledglings consider the first object they see in 
motion after hatching to be their mother.

This sensational experiment makes one think, because fledglings 
neither know what a robot nor a diode is nor do they know what a 
diode with white noise is, nor what actuates the straight-right-left 
movements of the robot. Therefore, it is an unconscious wish, the 
expectation of the fledglings, which finally controls the robot via 
the "diode", an interface between mind and machine.

Practical applications

The Individual Consciousness Project used the exact same mechanism. 
Instead of fledglings, plants, lakes, fields, houses and other 
objects were used; instead of the robot and a database with only 
three entries (straight, right, left), a computer software with 
databases containing all possible solutions to malfunctions that the 
analysed objects might have. Research at "Campus study centre for 
applied naturopathic treatment" in Munich demonstrates that diodes 
with white noise may be used in this way and that they display 
reliably on which level of information and frequency the field of 
consciousness oscillates. The fact that this research proves that 
consciousness and morphic fields surround not only humans and animals 
but also plants and obviously dead matter, will not surprise the 
interested reader.

God is in everything â?? he sleeps in stones, breathes in plants, 
dreams in animals and awakes in mankind.

Everything has its own consciousness that can be scanned with diodes 
with white noise and then be evaluated.


Research at the PEAR-Laboratory at Princeton in the USA and Freiburg 
University in Germany as well as the earlier described "Global 
Consciousness Project" are serious, scientifically organised studies. 
Princeton may be considered one of the leading universities in the 
area of physics. Einstein taught here after leaving Germany. Wheeler 
one of the most influential physicians of our time, taught here, too. 
Results from Princeton must be taken seriously.

The "Campus study centre for applied naturopathic treatment" in 
Munich is a private institution. Time will (and to a certain extent 
already has told) tell whether a lack of university status of the 
study centre will cause a disqualification of the precious research 
results of the "Individual Consciousness Project".

Peter von Buengner
Marxnweg 4
82054 Altkirchen near Munich

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