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Christian's have never condemned reincarnation?

Feb 16, 2008 02:57 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

To all readers

My views are:

At the TS America website we get the following from their Media Library website:
" Our Gnostic Legacy: The Western Esoteric Tradition" ( A video with what I believe is one of the more prominent TS speakers named Richard Smoley)

In this video it is claimed that the Christian's have never condemned the doctrine of reincarnation, (minutes 6-9 ).
I will have to protest against such a false view!

. . . . . . . The evidence is here in the below . . . . . . .

At The Catholic Church's own website we have today the following:
"Both cosmic unity and reincarnation are irreconcilable with the Christian belief that a human person is a distinct being, who lives one life, for which he or she is fully responsible: this understanding of the person puts into question both responsibility and freedom. Christians know that "in the cross of Christ not only is the redemption accomplished through suffering, but also human suffering itself has been redeemed. Christ - without any fault of his own - took on himself 'the total evil of sin'. The experience of this evil determined the incomparable extent of Christ's suffering, which became the price of the redemption... The Redeemer suffered in place of man and for man. Every man has his own share in the redemption, Each one is also called to share in that suffering through which the redemption was accomplished. He is called to share in that suffering through which all human suffering has also been redeemed. In bringing about the redemption through suffering, Christ has also raised human suffering to the level of the redemption. Thus each man in his suffering can also become a sharer in the redemptive suffering of Christ"." (John Paul II, Apostolic Letter on human suffering "Salvifici doloris" (11 February 1984))

So it seems obvious to me, that the Catholic Church have at least since 1984 rejected the doctrine of reincarnation.

More so the following papal decree tell us, that Reincarnation was out of the question quite early on in the Christian teachings:
"If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 545, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14: 318)."

The following short article also tell us the same.
"Reincarnation as Taught by Early Christians" By I. M. Oderberg

I wonder why Theosophy promotes non-truth at the TS America website?

M. Sufilight

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