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Re: The Liberal Catholic church and the Adyar Theosophical Society

Feb 16, 2008 01:08 AM
by nhcareyta

Dear All

Pablo writes, "What is the influence of the LCC 
upon the TS today? NONE. That is the truth." 
And, "The over-reactions through the years 
proved to be groundless and based only in 
one thing (as every fundamentalist thinking 
is): Fear."

With respect, how does he know this to be the truth? 

Mkr writes, "It is well-known that "officially' 
there is no connection between TS and LCC and 
Co-masonry. But, many in leadership position 
in one have held the leadership position in the 
And, "Also when one is a member of multiple 
organization with cross memberships and leaderships, 
it produces all kinds of subtle strong pressures 
to conform."

This is entirely accurate from my experience in 
the Adyar Society.

In terms of cross memberships, contrary to Pablo's 
vehement perspective, there are plenty of examples 
where "subtle strong pressures" exist.

To cite just a couple of examples.

During my time within the organisation there was 
an occasion where political machinations were 
definitely in play to keep out a contender for 
National President, then called General Secretary. 
This person had strong backing from many Liberal 
Catholic church members and some in the hierarchy 
but on this occasion was unsuccessful.

Pablo will be aware that the International Secretary 
of the Adyar Society was in recent years a priest 
in the Liberal Catholic church. He later became a 
Bishop and was, and perhaps still is, in a senior 
position in the Society in Australia, sitting on 
the National Executive and National Council. 

He is also married to the Society's current 
Australian National President.

In the local Adyar Society Lodge, the immediate past 
President was married to the immediate past Presiding 
Bishop, that is the international head of the Liberal 
Catholic church. She was also heavily involved in 
their local church.

Whilst there is nothing wrong or inappropriate with 
belonging to this church and the Adyar Society, it 
stretches credulity to think there are no pressures 

In my experience, one of the "subtle pressures", 
which is clearly not subtle once we are aware, 
is the maintenance of Bishop Leadbeater as an iconic 
figure, his teachings as holy writ and his 
disempowering mindset cherished by his followers.

This compulsive, possibly pathological liar, 
paedophile, misrepresenter and dominator of 
unsuspecting mindsets has high status in many 
of the Society's branches throughout the world. 

It is impossible to separate Bishop Leadbeater 
and the Liberal Catholic church from the Adyar 
Theosophical Society due to cross membership and 
vested interests, and it is my contention that it 
is also untrue to state there is no influence at 
all as Pablo contends so adamantly and 


--- In, "nhcareyta" <nhcareyta@...> wrote:
> Dear All
> For those may be unaware the Liberal Catholic 
> church was founded in 1916 by Bishop James 
> Wedgwood who thereby became its first Presiding 
> Bishop or international head. Bishop C W 
> Leadbeater became its second Presiding Bishop.
> It is an alternative Christian church in some 
> respects although its mindset is perhaps summed 
> up by the following Christmas message on one of 
> its websites."
> "MOST dear and holy Lord, we praise Thee, we 
> bless Thee, with all our hearts do we thank 
> and glorify Thee for this Thy wondrous Feast 
> of Christmas, praying Thee that as Thou wast 
> born on earth as at this time for us, so mayest 
> Thou be born and reign forevermore within the 
> hearts of men, who with the Father and the Holy 
> Spirit art one God throughout all ages of ages.  
> Amen."
> It is a religious organisation based in hierarchy 
> where a privileged few men are considered worthy 
> to receive God's grace and blessing through the 
> eucharist ceremony and to thereby disperse this 
> to others. 
> In this ceremony, God's grace and 
> blessing can only be given by men. 
> The following passage from Bishop Leadbeater 
> alludes to the process:
> "With the words "Deo Gratias," a great wave of 
> thankfulness goes up to the Angels, who, as a 
> parting gift, send back a fine stream in response. 
> This is caught by the celebrant and poured out 
> during the final benediction, along with the 
> power and material of which the whole Eucharistic 
> Edifice was constructed, which... dissolves into 
> great streams of rushing force... spreading 
> benediction wherever they go." -Rt. Rev. CW 
> Leadbeater, Late Presiding Bishop of The Liberal 
> Catholic Church, The Science of the Sacraments.
> In answer to Pablo's question, "On what grounds 
> do you say that "It was Besant who (with 
> Leadbeater's input) turned Theosophy into a 
> religious organization through the LCC"?
> Morten has amply demonstrated that the second 
> International President of the Adyar Theosophical 
> Society, Dr Besant fully supported and approved 
> the establishment and continuance of this church . 
> This support continues to this day in most 
> theosophical branches of the Adyar Society 
> with the church's members' influence often being 
> obvious and apparent.
> Regards
> Nigel

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