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Distortions and diversions?

Feb 15, 2008 05:16 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Pablo

Recently you wrote, "In this circle it is fashionable
to criticize Besant and Leadbeater for whatever 
they did, and most of the times the statements 
are unsupported."

On two occasions I have asked, "Would you kindly 
define your term "unsupported. And apart from 
the current claim by Cass, would you also be 
so kind as to show where "unsupported statements" 
have been made."

Unless you are in process, it appears you are 
disinclined to reply to my questions.
Given that you have subsequently responded to 
other contributors to this discussion, I will 
assume certain things.

Your word "unsupported" may mean 
not substantiated, meaning groundless and 
If this is correct then you have failed to 
demonstrate this with any examples.

It must therefore be assumed that you have 
little or no evidence to support your claim.

In light of the above, I ask you to reconsider 
your apparently derogatory words to Cass to 
determine whether they might actually refer to 
yourself, "It's interesting to see how our mind 
plays games. "Consistency" is not its main 

I still look forward to examples where unsubstantiated 
statements have been made about Bishop Leadbeater 
and Dr Besant in this forum that we may discuss them 
objectively and without bias. 


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