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Theos-World Re: Whale slaughter...please enter "blog" comment.

Feb 09, 2008 10:15 PM
by nhcareyta

War does not begin on the battlefield, it begins in the mind of man.

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> While we speak of the cruelty to animals, we should also keep in 
mind the
> maiming, death and destruction casued in wars and sacrificing of 
> young men and women for the sake of "world peace", "national 
> "democrary", "freedom", "emancipation of women" etc.  Also when we 
look at
> people (even theosophists)  who organize treatments/therapies for 
> coming back from war with mental problems, these are the same 
people who say
> not a word about the war itself which is the root cause of all these
> suffering. This reminds me of the comments of Ted Turner, the guy 
> started CNN said before the war -- it is the dumbest thing to do 
and he
> repeated it even recently.
> mkr
> On 2/9/08, adelasie <adelasie@...> wrote:
> >
> >   Interesting comparison, Cass,
> >
> > barbaric as a savage eating the heart of a lion to transfer 
> > strength to the eater.
> >
> > The "savages" might have known more than we do about the unity of 
> > life. To pray to the animal to come so that the people might be 
> > or the courage might be shared, to use all the parts of the animal
> > for goods that would be made by hand, the only source of such 
> > to express gratitude to the animal for its sacrifice, to face the
> > animal on foot with hand made weapons, this presents quite a
> > different scenario. Now we use technology to create weapons that 
> > animal could survive. Do we use all the parts of the animal and 
> > nothing? Do we express our gratitude to another life form for its
> > sacrifice that we may live? Do we kill an animal so that our tribe
> > can survive? Or are we motivated by profit above all?
> >
> > It seems reasonable to realize that the Japanese are not the only
> > nation engaged in some such activity. Maybe we are the "savages."
> >
> > Adelasie
> > 
> >
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