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Re: Theos-World Re: Whale slaughter...please enter "blog" comment.

Feb 09, 2008 08:40 PM
by Cass Silva

We continually eat fear and lower our vibrations through consuming animals.  I am hypocrite enough to admit that I thank the animal for giving up its existence for me, but it really is a band aid, if I was serious about the morality of it, I wouldn't eat the animal in the first place.  
Even in this day and age I am quite certain that when a cow is slaughtered none of its parts are wasted.  I guess we grew up believing that our bodies needed this protein as well as being told that animals were put here for man's smorgasboard.  Both are clearly lies.  Yes we are savages, moreso, because we have developed intelligence, which doesn't seem to have made much difference.

adelasie <> wrote:
          Interesting comparison, Cass, barbaric as a savage eating the heart of a lion to transfer its 
strength to the eater.

The "savages" might have known more than we do about the unity of all 
life. To pray to the animal to come so that the people might be fed, 
or the courage might be shared, to use all the parts of the animal 
for goods that would be made by hand, the only source of such goods, 
to express gratitude to the animal for its sacrifice, to face the 
animal on foot with hand made weapons, this presents quite a 
different scenario. Now we use technology to create weapons that no 
animal could survive. Do we use all the parts of the animal and waste 
nothing? Do we express our gratitude to another life form for its 
sacrifice that we may live? Do we kill an animal so that our tribe 
can survive? Or are we motivated by profit above all? 

It seems reasonable to realize that the Japanese are not the only 
nation engaged in some such activity. Maybe we are the "savages."



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