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Spirit and Matter (AnandGholap.Net-Online Theosophy)

Feb 08, 2008 09:16 PM
by ANAND GHOLAP - Important pamphlet for studying and spreading Theosophy] 

"The world "spirit-matter" is used designedly. At implies the fact that there is no such thing as "dead" matter ; all matter is living, the tiniest particles are lives. Science speaks truly in affirming : "No force without matter, no matter without force." They are wedded together in an indissoluble marriage throughout the ages of the life of a universe, and none can wrench them apart. Matter is form, and there is no form which does not express a life ; spirit is life, and there is no life that is not limited by form. Even the LOGOS, the Supreme Lord, has during manifestation the universe as His form, and so down to the atom.
This involution of the life of the LOGOS as the ensouling force in every particle, and its successive enwrapping in the spirit-matter of every plane, so that the materials of each plane have within them in a hidden, or latent condition, all the form and force possibilities of all the planes above them as well as those of their own - these two facts make evolution certain and give to the very lowest particle the hidden potentialities which will render it fit - as they become active powers - to enter into the forms of the highest beings. In fact, evolution may be summed up in a phrase : it is latent potentialities becoming active powers.  

The second great wave  of evolution, the evolution of form, and the third great wave, the evolution of self-consciousness, will be dealt with later on. These three currents of evolution are distinguishable on our earth in connection with humanity ; the making of the materials, the building of the house, and the growing of the tenant of the house, or, as said above, the evolution of spirit-matter, the evolution of form, the evolution of self-consciousness"

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In Christ.
Anand Gholap 

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