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Re: [Mind and Brain] dichotomy-the tide rushes in

Feb 07, 2008 10:38 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Feb 7, 2008, at 2/7/0812:36 PM, Samer Taleb wrote:

> What Chris Lofting has gotten right:
> All beings of consciousness have moved away from the
> state of permanent oneness. Having moved away from
> this state, we are constantly re-attracted to it. This
> natural rhythm of the universe, typifies all of life,
> including the in-out movements that create life, sex.
> Together-apart, together-apart, in a movement so
> basic, so instinctual, that you have very little
> awareness of deliberate action. This is life itself,
> producing new life. All life works on such a rhythm.
> Food grows in such cycles. Seasons come and go.
> Planets spin and circle. Suns implode and explode.
> Universes breathe in and breathe out. All of it
> happens, all of it, in cycles, in rhythms, in
> vibrations, matching the frequencies of the all. The
> all is everything, and there is nothing else that is;
> and all that ever was, is now, and ever shall be, is
> our world without end.
> That is what Chris is trying to tell you, this is what
> he has perceived and Chris is no fool.

Sure.  But why does he have to take so many millions of words and  
endless references to explain what you can say in so few words, and I  
can picture, orally and graphically in a few illustrated  
paragraphs? ;-) see:

All of the fractal geometry, the holographically encoded information,  
and the cyclic motion or change of everything you speak of and Chris  
bases his IDM on, is built into the fundamental spin-momentum of the  
zero-point of absolute SPACE -- that is the ubiquitous center and  
origin of the universe -- located everywhere in the perfect vacuum of  
the spacetime continuum.

Therefore, everything that evolves in the universe, up to the  
complexity of the human brain-body, is guided by the *ideal*  
constructive holographic information encapsulated in the zero-point  
spin-momentum of every ubiquitous zero-point singularity -- that are  
entangled parts of ONE cosmic "singularity" -- with potential  
consciousness (awareness,will) being the fundamental, non local  
quality of that absolute stillness at the center of the ZP *spinergy*.

Obviously, the constructive intelligence (or blueprint) of the entire  
universe, hidden in the ubiquitous ZPE field origin of every quantum  
particle-wave form, is analogous to the constructive information of  
the entire human body encoded in each DNA molecule located within  
every cell of the body.  But, what simple way is there to tell the  
DNA which protein goes where within the 3D form of the physical body  
-- than through higher order magnetically resonant coenergetic ZPE  
fields  -- that carry the holographic image information of the  
overall body in every cell, and around and through the entire body as  
well -- serving as a point for point 3-D control matrix -- whose ZP  
center of origin is the naval plexus of the overall triune body  
field.  This is exactly the way all homogeneous field holograms  
work.  All is in one and one is in all... And the holographic image  
information is transmitted and transformed between fields, at  
different levels of frequency-energy orders, by means of phase  
conjugate adaptive resonance processes.  This is relatively easy to  
visualize (with a slight 4-7D twist of the imagination) by anyone  
familiar with global EM field, multiplex audio-visual and GPS  
communication networks, and their unfiltered harmonics, reflections  
and interferences, etc.

What better evidence of the fractally-involved holographic nature of  
the entire universe and everything in it, can there be?

Is this why the ancient philosopher Hermes Trismegistus, could say,  
"The microcosm is the mirror of the macrocosm', and "As above, so  
below"?  Or why Pythagorus could say, "The universe geometrizes."

However, I don't think Chris -- who still believes reductive science  
or his IDM theory can ever comprehend the true metaphysical nature of  
fundamental reality, the ontology of cosmogenesis, how the universe  
is actually built, or the origin of consciousness -- knows anywhere  
near as much as those ancient sages... Especially, when he keeps on  
insisting that my ABC fractal hyperspace field model of cosmogenesis,  
(which topologically and geometrically verifies their statements and  
teachings) is totally imaginary. ;-)

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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