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Re: Whale slaughter...please enter "blog" comment.

Feb 07, 2008 05:47 PM
by nhcareyta

A recent blog contribution to this issue from one A. Viirlaid. 

"I think the whale hunt is cruel, hypocritical, and not worthy of 
We need to protect and serve life.
Otherwise we lose our primary reason for living.
I wrote a poem about the whaling last year and it has now happened.
A mother whale and her calf are gone from our midst.
Please protect all of our friends in the oceans.

Lament of Mother Whale

I cry for our shared grace
I cry for your human family
I cry for your whaler's family
I cry for my family
I cry for me

With your warm hand you could stroke my skin like so many of your 
family have chosen to do
You would feel my warmth and gratitude

Why do you touch me only with your cold harpoon as you thrust it into 
my flesh?
I thought after so much killing that we would both crave harmony

That we had learned that we both feel and love
That we both treasure life
That we revere our comrades
That we embrace our children

That we share the same blood of our ancestors
That our hearts both beat the rhyme of life

How my child will cling to me as you haul my dying carcass out of the 
How she will cry
Until you kill her too."

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