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Re: Theos-World Holograms - Leon

Feb 03, 2008 02:15 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks Leon.  It's so great to have you as a reliable source.  Relieved to hear that this technology cannot be used against us at this point in time, as a projection of a Christlike figure in the sky would provide christians the 'sign' they are all waiting for and has the potential to cause havoc in the world.
  How then do we explain the holographic universe?  I can see how our dreams are holographic representations of thoughts we have had during the day.  How is this explained in theosophical terms when it comes to the godhead.  
  Blavatsky talks about "Manvantaric impulse commencing with the reawakening of Universal Mind concurrently with and parallel to the primary emergence of cosmic substance or Fohat, and that Fohat, the cosmic substance is produced parallel with Cosmic Ideation or Universal Mind.  Fohat is the space in between the ideas or thoughts of the Creator - it is the empty blackboard ready for the forms." Mahatmas tell us that it is Energy and is the incessant motion one body is making on another, and it is this motion that transfers ideals into that of finite manifestation, or from the noumenal to the phenomenal. Thge centrifugal and centripetal action innate within Fohat causes ideals to become objective on the plane of illusion".  "This Universal Mind, this Great Self, as a GREAT SPHERE OF LIGHT, holding within itself as its contents the archetypal images of all the worlds to be, images which float in that LIGHT as jellyfish within a sea.  This sphere of Light is conscious all over
 at once; and each of its archetypal images, though ideally distinct from the others, yet pervade the whole.
  "Universal Mind is not out there-it must be sought within ourselves - we are moments of it - of that light - it is our very self"  "The inner teacher resides, in the centre between the eyes.
  So does this all mean that WE ARE THE HOLOGRAMS of Creator.  We are the conscious manifestation of some great ideal the godhead has created or projected for us?
  It makes me want to call myself Hologram 56894321!  LOL

Leon Maurer <> wrote:
          Hi Cass,

I'm afraid that -- while I know about how holograms are projected in 
small closed theater spaces that can be viewed by a few people at a 
time (it's been done at Disneyland and Disneyworld at several sites 
in the US), and also know that the Russians have developed a 
holographic theatrical movie projection system that seems to work -- 
such projected holograms are nothing more than pure light images that 
have no physical or material substantiality. Therefore, even if 
planes could be projected as holographs, they would have no effect on 
a physical building. So, since I actually saw the twin towers hit 
and coming down while it was happening, I'm sure the planes you saw 
in the replay were certainly not holographs. (BTW, "holograms" are 
actually the interference patterns on film that encode the projected 
holographs.) As for Christ in the sky, I'm certain it could be done 
someday using high powdered laser projectors, perhaps, but I have no 
idea how far that technology has progressed, or whether it's 
economically feasible to even invest in research and development.


On Feb 2, 2008, at 2/2/085:24 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

> Hi Leon,
> I was wondering if you would know if WE now have the technology 
> to project Holograms? I am asking this question as I recently saw 
> Prince Phillip projected as a Hologram. If this is the case, then 
> would it be possible to project a hologram into the skies in the 
> image of a christ or whatever, and not that I want to start a riot 
> here over 911 but would you know if there is any possibility that 
> the planes we saw were holograms and if so, would they have had the 
> capacity to knock out the towers?
> Cass


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