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Re: Theos-World Tesla/Keely

Feb 02, 2008 06:36 AM
by adelasie

Hello Fellow Students,

It Theosophical terms, it is safe to say that everything in the 
manifested universe is bound to the cause and effect cycle we call 
Karma. This would include the events of 9-11, regrardless of the 
identity of the perpetrators or the method of destruction used. Karma 
is the principle by which balance is maintained in manifestation. The 
student learns to realize that he is the author of his own fate, and 
to accept responsibility for that which occurs in his life, whether 
he can remember the exact causative events or not. A nation could do 
the same, given a sufficient amount of national understanding. 
Certainly the U'SA, and even Western Civilization, could accept some 
culpability for misuse of the finer forces of nature during the past 
Kali Yuga. What retribution will be demanded to balance the account 
remains to be seen, but it's likely 9-11 fits in there somewhere. 

Karma includes both cause and effect. Each effect has a cause and in 
turn is a cause of future effects. This is where the power of choice 
is so important. Do we choose to act according to the law of our 
nature, according to, say for instance, the Golden Rule? Or do we 
seek retribution? On such decisions hang all related future events.

As far as who did what when or why, the occultist is cautioned to 
keep an open mind. Western politics is full of lies and deception. 
It's pretty easy to see how manipulative a system it has become. 
Witness some of the effects of the greed and corruption that powers 
politics in this cycle. So it is not unreasonable to imagine that 
there might be more behind any event than meets the eye. Each 
individual learns eventually to examine whatever evidence is 
available and apply his own power of discernment to arrive at his own 
understanding. In the last analysis, all points of view are true, 
simply reflecting different facets of the one Truth, which is all the 
truth there is.  

Similarly, in the last analysis, it is not a matter of our side is 
good and the other side is bad. It's more a matter of we are all on 
the same side, all human beings, charged with the responsibility to 
realize the fact that all Life is One, that what happens to the least 
of us happens to all of us. Separatism is disintegration and 
destruction. Unity is constructive and leads to further evolution of 
consciousness and that is our goal. 


On 2 Feb 2008 at 5:18, Richard Semock wrote:

> From a Theosophical perspective, do you suppose that the 9-11 event 
> was brought about by ripe karma or did it set off a new round of 
> retribution that will be visited upon its al qaida perpetrators.


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