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Re: Theos-World Tesla/Keely

Feb 02, 2008 04:44 AM
by Cass Silva

I don't get what you mean Martin.

Martin <> wrote:
          Feeding the troll Cass?

--- Cass Silva <> wrote:

> Sorry about that John, I posted this because of my
> interest with the development of the Tesla
> technology, which if implemented, will cause massive
> destruction in the world. I too wondered about the
> context as it gave no explanation for the existence
> of the planes and their collision with the towers.
> What happened at the Towers was a tragedy and has
> caused a domino effect in terms of tragedy
> throughout the world.
> Cass
> wrote:
> Cass,
> I taped the planes hitting the Twin Towers and have
> it all on video live. These people are nuts and so
> are you for drinking their poison so willingly and
> without any compassion 9it disgusts me to see this
> allowed on this Forum!!!
> John
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> From: Cass Silva 
> From Andrew Johnson (UK):
> http://www.prlog. org/10048184- scientists-
> see-wtc-hutchiso n-effect- parallel. html
> Scientists See WTC - Hutchison Effect Parallel 
> 14th and 18th January 2008, Washington DC, USA - In
> two appearances on a Washington DC Pacifica Radio
> Station, WPFW, on a show hosted by Author and
> Political Commentator Ambrose I. Lane, Sr., Dr. Judy
> Wood, a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
> and John Hutchison, experimental scientist,
> discussed how photographic and video evidence
> suggest that the World Trade Centre (WTC) towers
> were destroyed using Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).
> Many of the observed effects resemble those seen in
> John Hutchison's experiments.
> In early January 2008, Wood posted a new study on
> her website (http://drjudywood. com/articles/ JJ),
> which relates effects seen in photographs taken
> before, during and after the destruction of the WTC
> complex, to effects seen in Hutchison's ongoing
> experiments. Wood and Hutchison co-authored the
> study.
> John Hutchison is a Canadian inventor and
> experimental scientist who has been working with
> "field effects" for almost 30 years. The Hutchison
> Effect is a collection of phenomena discovered
> accidentally by John Hutchison in 1979 during
> attempts to reproduce the work of Nikola Tesla.
> Hutchison uses radio frequency and electrostatic
> sources. The Hutchison Effect occurs in a volume of
> space where the beams intersect and interfere. The
> results are levitation of heavy objects, fusion of
> dissimilar materials such as metal and wood,
> anomalous melting (without heating) of metals
> without burning adjacent material, spontaneous
> fracturing of metals (which separate by sliding in a
> sideways fashion), and both temporary and permanent
> changes in the crystalline structure and physical
> properties of metal samples. 
> Hutchison has reproduced his experiments many times
> and the results are recorded on video and have been
> included in a number of TV documentaries that focus
> on unusual scientific experiments. Hutchison's metal
> samples have been repeatedly tested by scientists,
> including a group at the Max Planck Institute in
> Germany, confirming Hutchison Effects.
> The article by Wood and Hutchison
> (http://drjudywood. com/articles/ JJ) documents
> effects and events seen in the vicinity of the World
> Trade Centre and compares these with observed
> characteristics of the Hutchison Effect. 
> The observed effects include:
> "Weird Fires" - The fires seen near the badly
> damaged cars do not seem to ignite nearby office
> paper. Some photos show firefighters walking very
> close to or even through the fires. A video by John
> Hutchison shows similar looking "fires" on a model
> metal boat.
> Bent Beams and "Jellification" - Samples that
> Hutchison produced show very unusual effects on
> metal. Sometimes the metal "jellifies," turning soft
> and losing form, leading to severe bending or
> fracturing of the sample. Sometimes samples erupt
> from the centre and sometimes they turn to dust,
> similar to what happened to the WTC on 9/11.
> Ongoing reactions - Hutchison's samples often show
> an ongoing reaction, even after the energy field is
> removed. This "non-self-quenching" reaction seems to
> occur at the nuclear level. This also appears to be
> happening at Ground Zero (GZ). Dr. Wood's study
> suggests that the WTC site is still being
> "decontaminated," with trucks moving dirt into and
> out of the site, while "hosing down operations"
> continue, which Dr. Wood and Andrew Johnson
> photographed and recorded on video in January 2008.
> Transmutation - Sometimes materials subjected to the
> Hutchison Effect seem to change at a molecular or
> even atomic level. This could be the explanation for
> the apparent rapid rusting at GZ, where steel rusts
> like iron. Also, some photographs show unusual
> effects on the aluminium cladding used on the twin
> towers that look similar to effects produced on
> Hutchison's aluminum samples.
> Wood, Hutchison, and Johnson appeared on two Ambrose
> Lane shows, "We Ourselves," and discussed the
> similarities between the WTC event and the
> experimental evidence produced by the Hutchison
> Effect. "I have been collecting data over the last
> year and a half or so and I have found these
> distinct and unusual characteristics, which I have
> given names such as 'fuming' and 'toasted' cars ¡V I
> have even noticed flipped cars in some pictures,"
> said Wood. "In some cases, the flipped cars are
> sitting next to trees that are fully covered with
> leaves."
> "If the flipping of the cars was caused by big
> explosions or 'wind' from the towers coming down,"
> asked Johnson, "how did the leaves stay on the
> trees?" Material scientist George Hathaway observes
> that the Hutchison Effect causes either lift or
> disruption of the material itself. Lift explains the
> flipped cars. (http://drjudywood. com/pdf/Hutchiso
> nEffectReport_ txt.pdf )
> In some of his experiments, Hutchison observed
> "spontaneous combustion" where "fires appeared out
> of nowhere." He also confirmed that Col. John
> Alexander and others from the U.S. military visited
> him in 1983 and filmed his experiments with a team
> from Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL).
> (http://www.weoursel wpfw_011808_
> judy-andrew2. mp3 ) Canadian MP Chuck Cook and Dr
> Lorn A Kuehne of the Canadian Security Intelligence
> Service (CSIS) contacted him in 1986 and told him
> his work was "a matter of National Security."
> (http://www.drjudywo JJ/JJ8.html)
> Hutchison says he's been told that defense
> contractor, S.A.I.C., has his technology and has
> been developing it. (http://drjudywood. com/media/
> 071212_JohnHutch ison-TruthH. mp3 )
> Asked about ongoing dirt removal and hosing down at
> the WTC complex, Hutchison commented, "I think there
> is an ongoing reaction or 'infection.'" Wood noted
> that the damage done to the Bankers Trust (Deutsche
> Bank) building was repaired, but then they decided
> to take the building down. This evidence indicates
> there is a continuing reaction there. Rusting beams
> in the Bankers Trust building and in the temporary
> PATH train station also suggest ongoing reactions
> too.
> At the end of the first show, a caller said, "This
> is a revelation beyond revelations¡Kthis trumps
> everything¡KIf this story ever gets out, it will
> change the course of the United States' and the
> whole world's history."
> Another caller said during the second show, "I am
> thinking that these revelations we are hearing this
> morning should have the people so excited and so
> outraged that they should be flooding the lines to
> their congressmen and news people to get this
> message out as the number one story of the year."
> For more information please see:
> http://www.drjudywo JJ/
> http://www.hutchiso
> WPFW Related:
> http://www.weoursel
> http://www.wpfw. org/
> Audio of interviews:
> We Ourselves Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson 14 Jan
> 2007.mp3 
> We Ourselves Dr J Wood J Hutchison and A Johnson 18
> Jan 2007.mp3 
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