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Re: Is perception representational in the ABC theory?

Feb 02, 2008 00:36 AM
by Leon Maurer

On Jan 31, 2008, at 1/31/0811:38 PM, wrote:
referring to the camp statement outlining the ABC theory of  
consciousness under the topic heading "Panpsychism is reality" at:
> Lenny,
> You end one paragraph with:
> "with the entire universe and all the structures within it,  
> essentially
> a hologram..."
> then start the next with:
> "Each of which can be detected and perceived"
> what does this each of which refer to?

LM: Each structural image form within the overall universal hologram.

Thus, the image of the outer world we see, reaches every point on the  
surface of the eye lens as a complete hologram -- since each coherent  
light ray reflected from each point source on the object converges at  
each point on the lens' surface.  It's the total light impinging on  
each of those lens' surface points that is focused collectively on  
the retina as a pixel matrix corresponding to the objective image  
matrix... To be sent through the optical nerve crossover network from  
each eye, to both the right and left hemispheres of the brain...

There. to be processed electrochemically at different neural sections  
of the visual cortex, and transformed through the local neural EM  
fields to the overall brain wave (EM) field (detected by EEG) --  
where the image is assembled holographically as wave interference  
patterns... That are then transmitted to the higher order ZPE mind- 
memory fields by a phase conjugate adaptive resonance process.

The image, now modulated in and carried by the ZPE mind field, is  
then detected, by reflection of its projected coherent zero-point  
radiation (that also reconstructs the hologram) by the consciously  
aware zero-point origin of the brain field (and all its ZPE  
harmonics) located in the pineal region in the center of the head  
between the eyes and the ears. To be globally perceived, considered,  
understood, reacted to, etc. by the *entangled* self reflective  
consciousness located in the center of the body.  This center guides  
and controls, by intentionally or instinctively directed will  
transmitted through the neural processing system, the saccades, eye  
and head movements and other aspects of attentive or inattentive  
visual consciousness.

All this is quite intricate in practice...  But, from a communication  
engineering point of view, the overall process is as simple and  
direct as a live TV network camera- transmitter-receiver system.   
Apparently, nature's redundant totally analog processes are much more  
parsimonious than we are when we try to technologically emulate them  
through far more complex hybrid analog/digital systems in which a  
single blown transistor, resistor, capacitor, transformer, fuse, etc.  
could crash the entire transmission. ;-)
> BA: Also, are you saying that when you perceive pain in your toe,  
> that the
> pain is inded in your toe? In other words, your theory is not
> representational, if it were, you would instead say the pain was in
> your representation of your toe, all in your brain.
> And you mention the "center of our head" and the "center of our body"
> are these the same?
LM: No, the center our body refers to the chakra point of global self  
reflected (I am) consciousness located at the naval -- the true  
center of origin of the entire physical body form and its surrounding  
higher order hyperspace fields of consciousness, that are analogous  
to the initial fields of cosmogenesis.

Since I postulate that consciousness (i.e., awareness, perception,  
will, etc) are the qualities of each zero-point linked to each ZPE  
field carrying the sensory information at the point of trauma -- the  
experience of pain, and its reactive response is certainly in the  
zero-point linked to the cellular source of the pain information, and  
not experienced in the brain.

Thus, by phase conjugate resonance of the 3-D physical body hologram  
mapped in the brain field of the kinesthetic cortex (and transmitted  
to the Astral field) with the actual physical body fields whose zero- 
point centers are coadunate or entangled with the neuromuscular field  
centers, we can graphically locate and scratch an itch on the skin.   
We can also similarly place any part of our body exactly in any 3D  
location in the outer world field that corresponds to the visual  
image field, instantaneously, without any computational analysis or  

In this model, the brain is solely the transponder/transformer  
between the sensory information and the overall field of memory and  
mind that is directly accessible to the primary self-referenced  
global consciousness center located at the naval chakra point in the  
center of our overall body field (the spiritual "aura" in Eastern  
philosophies).  See the last illustration of the human figure and its  
chakra fields, in the camp statement)

In essence, the only representational aspect in this model is the  
representation of the sensory and memory image information in the  
higher order ZPE fields that are directly accessible to their  
conscious zero-points of origin.  The brain, itself, is simply the  
intermediate processor-transformer-channeler mechanism between these  
mind-memory fields and the sensory sources of the information or  
contents of consciousness.

Thank you for your perceptive questions that enable me to further  
clarify the ABC cosmogenetic field model.  For a background  
discussion of the underlying premises of this hypothesis, see: http://

Any scientists or philosophers participating in online consciousness  
study forums who wishes to support this theoretical approach, please  
go to the canonizer address above, register, and scroll down under  
the camp statement to where it says: "Join or Directly Support This  
Camp".  Thank you.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer (aka Lenny)

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