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Re: Take bodies on other planets

Jan 16, 2008 09:22 PM
by Richard Semock

In the following passage from the SD, it is shown that moon & earth 
are on the same level of manifestation, the lowest level that the 
monads will ever dip into matter, which is the physical. There are 
other globes in each chain of more rarified matter and GdP has 
confused these globes with our physical moon:

"In the diagrams on p. 172, Fig. 1 (SD1) represents the lunar-chain 
of seven planets at the outset of its seventh or last Round; while 
Fig. 2 represents the earth-chain which will be, but is not yet in 

The seven Globes of each chain are distinguished in their cyclic 
order by the letters A to G, the Globes of the Earth-chain being 
further marked by a cross? + ?the symbol of the Earth.

Now, it must be remembered that the Monads cycling round any 
septenary chain are divided into seven classes or hierarchies 
according to their respective stages of evolution, consciousness, and 
merit.  Let us follow, then, the order of their appearance on planet 
A, in the first Round.  The time-spaces between the appearances of 
these hierarchies on any one Globe are so adjusted that when Class 7, 
the last, appears on Globe A, Class 1, the first, has just passed on 
to Globe B, and so on, step by step, all round the chain.

Again, in the Seventh Round on the Lunar chain, when Class 7, the
last, quits Globe A, that Globe, instead of falling asleep, as it had 
done in previous Rounds, begins to die (to go into its planetary 
pralaya); and in dying it transfers successively, as just said, its 
principles, or life-elements and energy, etc., one after the other to 
a new laya-centre, which commences the formation of Globe A of the 
Earth Chain.  

A similar process takes place for each of the Globes of the lunar 
chain one after the other, each forming a fresh Globe of the earth-
chain. Our Moon was the fourth Globe of the series, and was
on the same plane of perception as our Earth. But Globe A of the 
lunar chain is not fully "dead" till the first Monads of the first 
class have passed from Globe G...

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> I think it was HPB said that the Moon was decaying or in a state of 
obscuration.  I don't know whether it was HPB said that we see only 
the astral counterpart or if it was GdP.
>   Cass
> Richard Semock <semockr@...> wrote:
>           Where did GdeP get this info, I dont recall seeing 
anything of the 
> kind in the SD. This is the guy that claimed the moon is a ghost 
> or rupa. My dupa too!
> --- In, Raquel Rodríguez <raquel_rpj@> 
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Cass, 
> > is it possible to mix blood from one planetary chain to another?. 
> I am just reading G. de Purucker, and on his Fountain Source of 
> Occultism, page 134, he states:
> > "To illustrate: when the planetary chain of earth has reached his 
> manvantara, it dies and the inner principles of all its gloves pass 
> in to their paranirvana. When the reimbodiment of this planetary 
> chain is karmically destined to take place, the same descent of the 
> higher principles through the inner worlds occurs as in the birth 
> a solar system. The new planetary chain is attracted to his own 
> system, reaching it as a comet, periodically wandering out of and 
> to his parent solar system and even in and out of the of the deeps 
> the galaxy. This comet, the planetary chain-to-be, is attracted on 
> several directions, but makes its way constantly that group of 
> stellar clusters called the zodiac, drawn by spiritual-magnetic 
> fohatic polarity."
> > I understand this as the planetary chains and human beings, being 
> one body, would then evolute together as a family, the new 
> chain developing his new old humanity from previous rounds. My own 
> conclusion might be nonsense anyway.
> > 
> > Kind Regards
> > 
> > Raquel
> > 
> > Cass Silva <silva_cass@> escribió:
> > Found this interesting in that 70 years before Sagan she 
> was talking about life on other planets. Do you have any reference 
> life on Venus or Mars from HPB or any other particular planet. This 
> claim probably started off the aliens have visited us and confirms 
> what Tsarion, Icke, and others are saying. 
> > I am so ignorant on this particular subject and cannot see beyond 
> the Solar Pitris and the Lunar Pitris, which as we all know endowed 
> humanity with mind and body, was there any other statement about 
> mixing of alien with human DNA.
> > 
> > Cass
> > 
> > 
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