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Re: Theos-World Heaven (AnandGholap.Net-Online Theosophy)

Jan 11, 2008 07:50 AM
by Anand

These passages are from the book Ancient Wisdom by Annie Besant. It
can be read online at
There is a chapter on Astral Plane and one may also read chapter
Kamaloka in the same book. 
Anand Gholap

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> Thanks for this Anand.  Where did you source the material?  Do you
have anything on the Astral?
>   Cass
> ANAND GHOLAP <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
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Important pamphlet for studying and spreading Theosophy] 
> Below is description of the state of souls in different subdivisions
of heaven. 
> "Passing onwards to the third region, we come to those noble and
earnest beings who were devoted servants of humanity while on earth,
and largely poured out their love to God in the form of works for man.
They are reaping the reward of their good deeds by developing larger
powers of usefulness and increased wisdom in their direction. Plans of
wider beneficence unroll themselves before the mind of the
philanthropist, and like an architect, he designs the future edifice
which he will build in a coming life on earth ; he matures the schemes
which he will then work out into actions, and like a creative God
plans his universe of benevolence, which shall be manifested in gross
matter when the time is ripe. These souls will appear as the great
philanthropists of yet unborn centuries, who will incarnate on earth
with innate dower of unselfish love and of power to achieve. 
> Most varied in character, perhaps, of all the heavens is the fourth,
for here the powers of the most advanced souls find their exercise, so
far as they can be expressed in the world of form. Here the kings of
art and of literature are found, exercising all their powers of form,
of colour, of harmony, and building greater faculties with which to be
reborn when they return to earth. Noblest music, ravishing beyond
description, peals forth from the mightiest monarchs of harmony that
the earth has known, as Beethoven, no longer deaf, pours out his
imperial soul in strains of unexampled beauty, making even the heaven
world more melodious as he draws down harmonies from higher spheres,
and sends them thrilling through the heavenly places. Here also we
find the masters of painting and of sculpture, learning new hues of
colour, new curves of undreamed beauty.
> And here also are others who failed, though greatly aspiring, and
who are here transmuting longings into powers, and dreams into
faculties, that shall be theirs in another life. Searchers into Nature
are here, and they are learning her hidden secrets ; before their eyes
are unrolling systems of worlds with all their hidden mechanism, woven
series of workings of unimaginable delicacy and complexity ; they
shall return to earth as great "discoverers," with unerring intuitions
of the mysterious ways of Nature.
> In this heaven also are found students of the deeper knowledge, the
eager, reverent pupils who sought the Teachers of the race, who longed
to find a Teacher, and patiently worked at all that had been given out
by some one of the great spiritual Masters who have taught humanity.
Here their longings find their fruition, and Those they sought,
apparently in vain, are now their instructors ; the eager souls drink
in the heavenly wisdom, and swift their growth and progress as they
sit at their Master's feet. As teachers and as light-bringers shall
they be born again on earth, born with the birthmark of the teacher's
high office upon them."
> Complete book can be read at
> In Christ.
> Anand Gholap 
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