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Re: Theos-World Re: Does theosophy impugn NASA's moon landing in 1969?

Jan 04, 2008 03:11 PM
by Cass Silva

I suppose if the moon is decaying it is still partly solid, although I take Frank's interesting point about how a solid can land on an etherial object.

Richard Semock <> wrote:
          I almost believe that the moon is a kama-rupic phantom as Gottfried 
says at least thats easier to swallow than green cheese. Also, G de 
P's statement couched as it is in TS lore is easier to believe than 
those dozen or so Apollo missions that landed on that phantom tide-
producing body.

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <dzyan@...> 
> 1. "Walking [on the moon] was quite easy!"
> - Buzz Aldrin, interview by Aron Ranen: "Did We Go?"
> 2. "What we see when we look up into the starry spaces is the 
astral body, 
> the kama-rupa of the physical moon that was, aeons and aeons ago, 
> physical body is now disintegrated into impalpable cosmic dust. We 
> this kama-rupic phantom, because our physical earth is one subplane 
> than that on which the physical body of the moon was. Were our 
scientists by 
> some magic to be transported to the moon, even though they would be 
able to 
> see it almost as clearly as they see our earth, I do not believe 
they would 
> find it easy to walk about on its surface, for it is not quite hard 
> for easy walking."
> - Gottfried de Purucker in an E.S. lecture in the Temple of Peace 
at Point 
> Loma around 1927. According to his chela W. Emmett Small printed 
first after 
> the stenographic report in question- and answer-form, then in July 
1936 as 
> 12-part "Esoteric Instructions", republished as 12-part "Esoteric 
> Teachings", see: and 
again in 
> 1976 new edited as "Fountain-Source of Occultism", see: 
> Compare also two diagrams of Helena Blavatsky in her "The Secret 
> about the "Planetary Division" and "The Earth Chain":
> Diagram 1 in [[Vol. 1, Page]] 153:
> Diagram II in [[Vol. 1, Page]] 172:
> Frank


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