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Re: Theos-World Big skeletons found in India!?sources

Jan 03, 2008 06:08 AM
by krishtar

I´ve discovered that it was a computer graphics contest and the work is one 
good one.
Take a look at the link below and see the original pics from which - and 
over which-  the computerized retouch was applied.
One cannot see the deffects or faults in an internet retouched photo because 
they´re all in low resolution.
That´s why they´re so realistic.If one could have seen the original art and 
take a close up look in Photoshop or other program that can make big 
zoomings, it´d be easier to notice the digital retouch and montage.
Hope to get your feed.

Original pictures

The hoax

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  This is quite interesting perhaps Konstantine can tell us what the Russian 
Text says. The Hindu part may be a biased reporter. Holy Cow! The skull 
alone on one of the skeletons is 6 feet high! Looks real, I will try 
Googling Nat. Geographic later.


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  What abaout this news:

  Compare the size of the skeleton with the size of the work men!

  Is this a fake? Can someone confirm this news?


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